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Great ‘Take care of your wardrobe’ Hunt



  • My favourite clothes tips:

    I use soda crystals in place of fabric softener; it also helps to shift stains. Just add to the main wash drawer in w/m - packet gives quantities.

    Treat stains as soon as possible.

    Mend as soon as you see any small holes or loose buttons etc.

    Don't over fill the wardrobe.

    Hand wash bras.

    Sort clothes regularly -only keep what you wear. (I'm still battling this one).

    Swap clothes with friends. Regularly visit charity shops, especially in wealthy areas where good quality clothes likely to be donated.

    Biggest money saver? Finally trained myself to "only buy it if you really love it and it goes with what you have". I often walk away for an hour if possible before making a purchase. Saves buying "bargain mistakes"!
  • Ladies, if your white underwear has gone a bit grey, dye it a nice bright colour to tone in with your fave wardrobe items.

    I would also suggest investing in having your "colours" done so you don't waste money buying things that don't suit you, never will, and just take up space. also when you know your best colours most of your clothes will go together and you will look GREAT in them.

    As far as black cotton and linen that fades, and also shows up white threads, cat hairs, your hairs, etc even if you do wash it inside out - re-dye the lot black every few months. It will cover over the hairs and threads too and all your blacks will match each other again instead of being shades of grey.

    (off topic, but I cannot resist saving those little strips of ribbon that are inside everything from sweaters to trousers these days. I snip them off as I don't use them for hanging things but they must be useful for something .....???)
    :jThat's 2 stone 9 lbs gone forever:j

    thank you Slimming World!
  • ubamother
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    having spent far too much of my life with priests and undertakers they all swear by using a specialist dark-wash to keep their blacks properly black, which as they have quite a lot and they have to be properly black saves them money in the long run. And the price of black vicar-shirts is remarkably high!
  • This is not a tip but a question related to this thread - does anyone know where I would get a handbag lining repaired? I have alovely Fiorelli handbag which the lining is completely ripped in. I know Timpsons etc will do the leather bits but anyone ever heard of anywhere who could do the lining?
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  • My tip is to wash clothes inside out. That's the side that's closest to your skin so most likely to need freshing up. And then it's the inside of the clothes that take the pounding whilst in the washing machine not the outside that you want to keep looking best.

    I've never found that it stops a mark on the other side of the fabric from being removed (if you were wondering).

    Happy washing!

  • I am another user of washing soda with the detergent in the washing machine - I'm using about half the detergent I used to - better for the environment, my clothes and my pcket.

    I also use white vinegar instead of fabric softener - we found it cheapest in a big container from the greengrocer and it lasts for ages. No nasty niffs, either, if used sparingly.

    I just overdyed some black trousers and a cardigan to refresh the colour and it worked really well - saved a fortune. I also dyed some linen trousers and a dress where the colour just wasn't working for me and they now have an excellent new lease of life: I'm thrilled. I even managed to disguise a scorch mark on a blouse with the dye treatment - a new lease of life for another garment.

    There's an interesting blog - Google Wardrobe Refashion - which publishes loads of ideas for making over or up-cycling clothing and other textile items.

    I used the good bits of a pair of worn-out linen trousers to make a great pinafore to wear when I'm crafting - saves getting fluff and stains on my clothes.
  • Maddox
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    Also, if you IRON your clothes inside-out, you avoid making them shiny. Always use a damp pressing cloth if you have to iron the outside of a skirt of pair of trousers.

    As for stain removal and general freshening up, one of the best-kept secrets of retail clothes professionals is BABY WIPES!

    Not the fancy ones containing balm or the like, just the plain ordinary ones. I've used them for removing grubby neck marks on pale linen jackets, food stains and all sorts. Make a baby wipe your first resort.

    AND they don't leave watermarks!
  • mum2one
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    Xmas Saver!
    Its almost digresiing, but theres method in my madness.

    Obviously try and avoid clothes that say Dry Clean only, but as most coats / suits etc are "Dry Clean only", please avoid any shade of red.

    I use to work in a dry cleaners and if anyone brought in an item of red clothing and there was a stain/mark on it, we couldn't pretreat it, so it was really a 50/50 whether the stain came out.

    But any other colour we could pre-treat, and 99% of the time the mark would come out. x
    xx rip dad... we had our ups and downs but we’re always be family xx
  • Im having a MASS clear out on Sunday as we are having new wardrobes fitted the weekend after

    Im going to be lethal!!
  • OrkneyStar
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    Only iron things that absolutely need it and even then do it before wearing not before hanging up (as hanging creates creases sometimes!).
    Dry inside out, especially if sunny, to avoid fading.
    Wash as low a temp as possible.
    Visit charity shops, I have got lots of nearly or brand new Next, M and S etc clothing in the past for pennies, and still lasting well!
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