Great ‘Take care of your wardrobe’ Hunt

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Looking after your clothes carefully means less cash on new outfits. So we want to tap MoneySavers for practical tips on keeping their wardrobe pristine, whether it’s cleaning, fixing or dying.

How do you polish scruffy shoes, store posh frocks and revive battered handbags? As an example, salvage old flip flops by soaking them Daz for 10 mins, and scrubbing them with an old toothbrush; the results are like a Cillit Bang advert!



  • well my fave is to polish my shoes with a banana skin (inside mushy bit!) shiny and lovely

    *disclaimer* i only use it on dark leather shoes * * *

    i also use cedar wood in my wardrobe and draws to keep moths at bay, only needs a light sand every couple of months to keep the little blighters at bay!

    ioiwe :)
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  • Stuff wet shoes or boots with newspaper. After a few hours remove, and if it's wet, then replace with fresh. Boots dry far quicker this way :D

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    Stretch shoes which are too tight or leather too stiff by stuffing with wet newspaper and leaving somewhere warm to dry.
  • If you have a dress and the top is a bit tatty unpick at the waist then use the top to make a waistband you then have a skirt from something you would probably throw out.
    I use vaseline on shoes to help waterproof them and give them a good buff for a brilliant shine.
    If you do throw out any clothes always remove the buttons and zips first and use them for other projects.
    Learn to knit - you can make all sorts of things and hand knitting really does last longer and is warmer than anything you can buy in a shop.
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    I polish my boots with potato peelings. It's perfect for the legs where I hate having to use ordinary polish and brush up, as you only need to wipe with a soft cloth when dry. I always put old magazines in them to keep the shape too.

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    An Old Style saying that is very true... 'A stitch in time saves nine'

    If you notice that something is fraying or needs repairing, fix it sooner rather than later because if you leave it, it will be a much bigger job.

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    A fabric debobbler such as the D-Fuzz-It comb only costs about a pound from haberdashers (and you can often get them on Ebay). You drag them across your bobbly jumpers to make them look like new - very effective!
  • I haven't got a huge amount of wardrobe space so once the weather gets cooler I pack away all the summer clothes that I have hanging in there into plastic crates and stash them out of the way on top out of sight.

    That way I've got room to hang my winter clothes without them getting squashed.

    I do the same at the end of winter when I pack away my cold weather stuff and hang up my warmer weather clothes.

    It's a good opportunity to check the clothes over.....and to think whether I actually wore it last year.....if not, do I really need it?
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    Aw... A new topic on the clothes in your wardrobe.

    My tip is to have a good sort out every few months and take a carrier bag or two to the charity bins.
    I splash out when I find a good deal in the sales/ on line shops.

    Some clothes I keep for longer than others, it depends if it is a favourite, what shop it came from, how decorative or seasonal it is.

    Coat hangers play a good part, we have a mixture = plastic for hanging wet washing on, wooden ones, trouser/skirt hangers. My favourite was a pack I bought that when you hang your clothes on they never fall off. They are blue with some kind of special coating.
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    I bought a load of Ikea plastic shoe trees (approx 99p per set) and keep them in all my best shoes. Stops them getting squashed and mis-shapen in the bottom of the wardrobe.
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