October 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    Thanks mrss, Miser's Marmalade recipe is now in the front page recipe list :T great recipe, definitely one to try ;)
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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  • October finished at waaaayyyy over the odds at £320:09. But as others have said, I'm not that phased as it included around £50 towards me muvva's surprise b'day party & a fair whack for :xmassmile
    If I've done the sums correctly, it looks like I've a little over £250 to last 61 days :o A scarey prospect & thank goodness I have a little spare change to add to the pot, but I MUST try harder to curb my stock-piling habits. Yes, it's good to know there's stuff in the house should we not be able to get to a shop for a few days, but not at the volumn we've got :whistle:
    Serious number crunching for me today then _pale_
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    OK, I am declaring for October at


    QUITE a lot over budget :(

    Towards the end of the month I ended up working very long hours, nd not bothering to cook or get lunch ready, so then I would buy lunch at work.

    But I am determined to do this. £100 budget for November. This should be helped by the fact I am away until the 8th. Am currently putting together my menu plan and doing my online shop ready for delivery when I get back.
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    So I am now declaring a total of £446.53 for October. :eek: (but £319.36 :D without FLP stuff - see below).

    I was doing so well including just groceries (all supermarket buys), but I then decided to include the supplements I have taken this month to try and get me to a reasonable level of health.

    I am using FLP drinks and tablets, (Forever Living Products, many based on Aloe Vera) as well as protein shakes for DS2. As we are eating/drinking these, they qualify as food - right? ;) They are not cheap, but I am prepared to give them a try for a few months. I am certainly feeling more with-it...well some of the time! I am now not suffering from the numerous deficiencies that I was a few months ago. The stomach ulcer I had two months ago has also completely helaed up, the Aloe Vera Gel drink certainly has done the job! I am also coming off a mass of pain-relief medication at the moment and certainly need as much help as I can to cope with everything that is happening to me at the moment.

    So next month I am going back to £400 and will do more meal-planning. As I hopefully will be able to go and go out and do more shopping myself, I plan to track down some whoopsies...DH just hasn't got the hang of finding these, or deciding what to choose!!

    So here's hoping for a frugal November for everyone.

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    around £66.45 ish lost count d'oh
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    just over budget for October £165.00, with only 8 NSD, although not bad considering I had fallen off the wagon for a few months, half term didnt help much!!! So next month note to self.....more NSD should keep me in budget!!
    november £150 please
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    after adding in fridays shop and last weeks bits and bobs i am declaring my oct total as £681.72, £18.28 under my budget but i know i could have did better so i am aiming for improvement even more next month

    i have added my november budget onto the november thread
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    Hi, quick up-date for October. Spent £71.60 on groceries. Aimed for £80 so pretty happy. £44 of the total was on fruit and veg:eek:.
    Thinking about doing next months challenge but will be away for 8 days so will give it a miss. Good luck to all those who are doing it,
    ilovetea x
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    Sunday shop today, spent £31.46 in total so not too bad for our weekly shop. Would have spent less but get some whoopsied meat which I can shove in the freezer so that's a few of next weeks meals sorted too :D

    Looking good so far, aiming for 3 NSDs next week too so hopefully we can keep on track - our buying snacks etc got out of hand!
    Hope everyone had a fab weekend, and has a very productive week :) x
  • milliejomilliejo Forumite
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    Oh dear way over budget at £320 against a budget of £280.
    Probably due to a few days away self catering and the effect of half term.

    Please put me down for £280 in November & we will try to do better this month
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