October 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    meant to say am trying £425 for November please

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  • I can declare October at £112.28/£115! Am having a higher budget for November though as really depleted the store cupboard in October!

    Please put me down for £150 in November

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    Still going up the end of the month before finally declaring.

    Thought I was doing so well....until I decided to include in the GC challenge all the supplements (for ill me) and shakes (for DS2 - a keen diabetic rugby player) that we have started taking. As we are both eating them, they do count as food. :rolleyes:

    This will also concentrate my mind in trying to keep the rest of my spends down...here's hoping! :D

    So I will pop over to the November thread to set out my aims for the coming month and will return here on Saturday to declare for October...does that make sense?

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    Evening all, would like to declare for this month at £148.45, £1.55 under budget :j.
    I have added the total for this month onto the running total in my signature for this year and at the moment we are averaging about £155 per month. Quite pleased with that:D
    See you all in the november thread;)
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    Yay!!declaring at £90 for Oct:j:j:jbeen to M'sons today and spent £25 and used my £5 NOTW voucher;)Am deffo ok for this month now, and prob have enough in till doomsday:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:will NOT need shampoo and shower gel for weeks now;)
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    declared at 1.99 over budget on the November thread - but just for the record still delighted
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  • DECLARING AT £249.41p for october:mad:
  • Hi all

    My october challange finished yesterday - Hubby is paid on 28th of the month so our month is running 28th - 28th!

    Very pleased with ourselves! Month 1 budget was £150 total spend was £125.39

    Was very pleased with ourselves as that includes pampers nappies also!!!

    was Proud to be dealing with debt! LBM 12.09.09 [STRIKE]£23,157.76,[/STRIKE] 28/03/11 £12.827.07:eek: Not quite sure on debts now as kind of gone by the wayside but back on form now! Will edit as i figure them out
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  • annie123annie123 Forumite
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    Blown it for October :oDeclaring £325:eek:
    But Only because I had to buy food and bits for adult student/unemployed DS. Had problems with JSA so no money for 4 weeks.
    Other than that would have stretched my 4 week budget to 5 weeks so really pleased that I can do it.:D

    Please put me down again for £280 for November
  • ktpiektpie Forumite
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    I'm too embarassed to admit just how much over I went on Octobers budget so instead I'm looking forward to November and we're going to aim for £280 again and this time I won't take DH to the supermarket and we will stick to it!
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