October 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    total for this month is only £83.09 out of £190, but we were away for a week of this month so its a slight misconception of how well we have done!! however I will adjust my budget to £150 for the 3 of us (and the cat!)

    On to november!
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    Please can i declare october at £299.70 :mad: and have £275 as my November target :ofor four adults plus the reqular extras that eat here:rolleyes:
  • No idea how I managed it, but my target was £50...and my total was £50!! :j

    Going for a bit more leeway in November - I'll go for £70
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  • I'm going declare at £95 which is £15 over target.

    Things i've learnt in this first month is never to send the other half shopping. Sent him one night for "something nice" and he ended up spending £18!!!!. It was a lovely meal but it was £18.

    Off over to November board to post the same target for next month
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    Small spend at A!di today.....

    99p for 4pts s/sk milk
    £1.79 on tea-bags I'll almost certainly need before the end of the year (240 for the price of 160, so decided to get them now rather than wait)

    rest of today and tomorrow to go before I declare - nothing else needed and £16.18 left in my budget so it should be a doddle ;)
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    Well, we've been eating out the cupboard and reduced sections still and have managed to spend well under once again (only through necessity though) and I'm declaring at £1551.36 for the year to date.

    Tomorrow marks the beginning of November as far as my budgeting goes and will begin with tagging along with my parents to Aldi, Morrisons and possibly Sainsburys. Hope to get a few deals along the way, including stocking up on a few tins (no baked beans left!) and getting some spuds and winter veggies as my bones tell me is stew time.
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    Well - I've well and truly failed this month - I'm over by almost £90 :eek:

    It appears to be mostly cold-weather-adjusting-comfort-food - cakes, puddings and other snack-y food, along with the fact that last month I ran the freezers down to almost empty so they had to have a complete restock.

    Not happy, especially as last month was the first time I'd hit budget, but I just need to haul a few areas back under control.

    So - declaring for October at £439.32

    And can I be put down for £320 for November please, and we'll give it (yet) another go :rolleyes:
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  • Hi All,

    Declaring total for OCTOBER £179.75
    OVER BUDGET BY £4.75

    Declaring this weeks shopping spend £33.77
    Broken down as follows:
    Aldi £12.42
    Asda £5.37
    Butchers £7.40
    Bacon Stall £3.15
    Home Bargains £1.66
    Freezer Shop £3.77

    Weekly Breakdown as follows:
    Week 1 :£37.28
    Week 2: £39.51
    Week 3: £38.91
    Week 4: £30.28
    Week 5: £33.77

    Although slightly disappointed at going over, I am pleased that I have used up things rather than binning them and I am trying to be more creative with items we have in and feel I have learnt how to go forwards from this first challenge I have taken part in.

    Please can I join in NOVEMBER challenge with a budget of £140 as it is a 4 week month to feed 2 adults.
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    Declaring at €241.69 for October so €8.31 to go in my emergency food fund for when I am inundated with family and friends who all seem to arrive together.

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    Hi, Just adding up the months total, I think I was around the budget of £300, but I need to look at the bank account to check I haven't missed anything. I'll be back later to declare for October.

    Well the receipts I have add up to £269 against a budget of £300. However OH has bought odd bits of milk and bread, so I am going to estimate the total at £295. (I refuse to include his 'subversive' purchases of sweets and cakes as that comes out of his money ;))

    Can I join in for November with a budget of £300 again.
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