October 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    oh deary deary me.... I've failed miserably this month, no idea what I've spent but it will be over £250!!! :o
    This has been a really difficult month one way or another and things aren't getting much easier.
    The plus side, hubby's found long term work :D but has to go self employed...more work for me!! (secretary, etc):rolleyes:
    Still, works work althought it looks like we'll be worse off for a while!! :eek:
    I'm sticking to £250 for NOV though please :D
    Thanks for everyones hard work :T
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  • Declaring at £257.... not to bad! £250 for Novemeber please! Think it's more realistic as then i can not worry about whether I'm including nappies etc, I just will! Have been seriously disorganised the last couple of months, back on board this month though! :p
    August: £149/£150

    Sept: £200
  • budget completely blown thanks to need for new door locks and ds's birthday etc. Must try harder!
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    No declaration for October,as I lost all track of all receipts.However there was quite a bit of money left in the bank,so that looked good.

    Took DD2 and GS half way home yesterday-DS came to pick them up-one of those mixed blessings moments.Love them to bits,had a super week,very hectic and tiring.Oh so quiet without them.
    DD had stripped beds,washed it all and put it out on the line whilst I was at work-she is thoughtful.(OH actually spotted start of rain at 6ish and got it in!)

    Mum came with us,so we then spent several hours shopping on the way home.Shopped loads in MrM-£81.41,stocked up for best part of Nov.,then dear Mum paid for it all-bless her.

    Helen please put me down for £180 for November,thanks.

    Will try to keep on top of it all-£98 left.

    Making Misers Marmalade today,boiling beetroot,ham shank for pea soup,shredding/salting red cabbage for pickling.(DD2 and DS had the last 2 jars,plus loads of chutney and jam to stock them up.)

    Meaty bits in HM bread for lunch,prawn stirfry for tea.
    Had £4 Indian meal from MrM last night-made a nice change and £10 cheaper than a takeaway;)

    Nice day so far,looks like I will have to go and sort the garden ,-NEARLY hoped for rain so I could do some sewing(bags,aprons,tea cosies for next fundraiser!)

    Have a good month all

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  • Total for October was £254.51 so was just under.
    Save £4500 in 2014
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    Good morning - last day of the month, so time to total up the miniscule spends :D

    DECLARING AT £37.22 spent in October

    The past month was dedicated to eating out of the store cupboards and freezer, plus a bit of LETS style trading, so all I was really buying was milk, fruit, veg and a couple of top ups when I got the chance of the 100% extra free deals on pasta and cereals from Ald!. I'm VERY pleased with this and hope to do the same again in November. With a bit of luck, I may not bust my 2009 grocery budget as badly as I expected. :D
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    mrssnowy wrote: »
    ... Making Misers Marmalade today ...

    any chance of the recipe for our list please mrss? ;)
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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    Did a second small shop at Mr M last night.

    2 Potato & Meat pies from the in-store bakery - 55p instead of £1.50 (now in freezer)
    Pack of 5 Raspberry Jam Donuts (also bakery) - 19p instead of 69p

    But managed an NSD today, making it a total of 15 this month (which I've just noticed includes every Saturday!)

    Declaring a total spend in October of £85.06 (from a budget of £100.50), which includes £33.07 on Whoopsies/Clearance with shelf ticket prices of £108.94
    Grocery Budget : January £155. Spent £33.75 in shops + £0.00 from stocks = £32.45
    Grocery Budget : 2021 £1825. Spent £33.75 in shops + £0.00 from stocks = £32.45
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    I am declaring at c£500 for October against a budget of £425. I did not allow for the halloween party or guests all weekend so I am not too annoyed with myself.

    Yet again I ended the month with more in the freezer than I started with - but I do have the christmas turkey, nine chickens, four venisons steaks and six ostrich steaks.......
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    Misers Marmalade
    Start by saving peel off grapefruit,oranges and lemons.
    Keep in freezer till you have 675gm
    (ask other peeps to save for you as well:D)
    Flavour obviously varies with combination of fruits,always tasty,no 2 batches the same!
    Makes about 10lbs

    675g mixed orange,grapefruit and lemon peel,washed
    450g whole lemons
    225g lime flesh only(no peel)
    300ml water
    2.7kg sugar
    Place the peel in the pressure cooker and cook for 10mins at 15lb pressure.Leave to cool to room temperature.
    Drain,retaining the liquid,and slice the peel when cool enough to handle.Set aside.
    Cut the lemons into quarters,remove the pips and place in a muslin bag.(I use the bags out of the dried pea box!)Remove and roughly chop the flesh,slice the peel thinly.
    Place in the pressure cooker.(usually do this the other way round -or even put in first stage-easier to chop when soft)
    Add lime pips and peel to lemon pips in muslin bag.
    Chop lime flesh roughly and add to pressure cooker
    Add another 300ml water and cook for 10mins on 15 lbs.Allow to cool to room temp.
    Place all the cooked sliced peel in preserving pan.Squeeze muslin bag to extract all juice
    mix together all retained juice and add sufficient water to make up to 1.4 litres
    Add to the preserving pan,along with the sugar.
    Heat until the sugar has dissolved.Bring to the boil and boil until setting point is reached.
    Remove any scum
    Allow about 5 mins to cool slightly (stops peel floating up)
    Pour into cooled sterilised jars,seal whilst still warm,label when cool.

    Made it yesterday,had enough peel to double quantities,BUT I have a very big preserving pan,and several times it nearly boiled over:rotfl:
    Anyway,it was a lovely colour,soft set(will spread and stay on toast),21 lb pots.

    Straight forward recipe,buy sugar when cheap-ish,pressure cooker makes it easier,otherwise its a long boil in pans.

    You can't stay young for ever,but you can be immature for the rest of your life.
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