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October 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • TheBeesTheBees Forumite
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    Thanks Nomoneymummy for your recipe. I'll definitely be trying that next time.

    Tonight's tea was savoury mince which I cooked in the SC all day with a couple handfulls of oats as usual. I put half in the freezer for another day and tonight we had the other half with sliced potato on top. Very tasty.

    NSD number 3 for me today and probably another one tomorrow as I work all day.

    Some good news - just been offered 10 hours (2 evening shifts) in a local supermarket for 3 months. I'm probably going to be shattered as I already do 20 hours during the day in a school but the extra money will be VERY useful.

    Wishing everyone lots of luck with the challenge
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    Sealed Pot Challenge 416 - target £500
  • £5.50 for me today!
    £3 on fresh lovely sausages on the way home as kids begging for hot dogs today!
    £2.50 for hot lunch - I know it's not very moneysaving but only work one day a week and planned to have a jacket potato today - but they had none left! took my filling from home (doing WW and needed to know how many points) so had the cheapest hot option!
    Will try EXTRA hard to have a NSD tomorrow - have lots of milk, bread, fruit & cheese so don't actually neeed anything
  • jinky67jinky67 Forumite
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    £15.56 in MrT's today buying a few top up items
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  • freakyogrefreakyogre Forumite
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    Went to Sainsburys today as found a lovely duvet cover on their site and hoped to get it, but they didn't have any left :( Now need to decide whether I want to pay for delivery...grr.

    Picked up a few bits, but hardly any 'food'. Got some bread rolls and had one for lunch, some shampoo and conditioner (Herbal Essences on offer, i'm stopping using cheaper S&C as it's ruining my hair), some shaving gel and Sainsburys magazine as I always read it when I go and see my sister. £6.67 spent, but only 65p on 'food'! Will include the whole figure in my total though and see how it goes.
    Grocery challenge - Nov: £52/£100
  • CRANKY40CRANKY40 Forumite
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    Sorry folks, but I won't be carrying on with the challenge. Have a read of this weeks dailies if you want any more info, and thanks for the company so far.

    Jayne x
  • cw18cw18 Forumite
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    Jayne - went for a quick nosey, and just wanted to send you HUUUUUGE (((hugs)))
    Grocery Budget : January £124. Spent £21.53 in shops + £8.84 from stocks + £4.10 discounts squirreled away = £34.47
    Grocery Budget : 2022 £1560. Spent £21.53 in shops + £8.84 from stocks + £4.10 discounts squirrelled away = £34.47
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    Sorry to hear your news Cranky. Anything I say will be wildly useless, but please accept a virtual hug from me as well.

  • 666paw666paw Forumite
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    Another spend today of £11.47.
    £7.47 in Mr A & £4.00 in Butchers

    12 NSDs out of 19.

    Really hoping I can do it this month and good luck to everyone.

    MFI3 T3 # 75
  • jackieglasgowjackieglasgow Forumite
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    Mr T spend, no whoopsies or anything. £30.67. Still need to add the weekends receipt, think they're about £15. Nothing else to report. Just realised I'm only on day 9!!!
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    sorry to hear your sad news jayne
    31/12/2018 = £21,740.10 - 31/12/2019 = £18,581.29 (14.53% PD)
    31/01/2020 - £18,685.22 (14.05% PD)
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