October 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • scotmumof3scotmumof3 Forumite
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    Hi everyone so much for me not needing anything today DS needed clearasil wipes not cheap but nothing else works and we needed cheese coz OH scoffed the lot he also has "man flu" and needed lemsips so all in all I spent £17.29 today. Cheese was £5 in Asda for 1.2kg so should keep us going for a while if I hide it from DH.:D
    Congrats Keiss on your son going to uni proud day !:T
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    Hi peeps:hello:
    Spent £12 in sainsbugs today on bits and bobs.still dieting so not buying as much, so it can all go in the hols/clothes fund:T
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    I've spent £7.49 today. I was planning on doing chicken in honey/butter/paprika tonight, but have been craving coleslaw all day so changed it to crispy coated chicken, wedges and coleslaw. Just had it and it was yummy!

    I bought some sweets at work :o I only had a cup a soup and small KitKat (I don't really eat lunch) and really wanted some crisps. I resisted nipping out and got the sweets instead. £1, but it was one of those charity boxes, so kinda helpful? :p I still have half the bag anyway (look at me trying to justify my purchase!!)

    I nipped into Tesco on the way back as needed milk. Also got some breadcrumbs (I know, I can make them, but they're never fine enough for coating things really), a packet of cup a soups, some sausages (those mentioned above), some crisps, a packet of blancmange (it came up in conversation the other day and as i've never tried it, I want to test it) aaaand some stuff for my hair as it's gone really frizzy recently :eek:

    I need to find room in my mini freezer now for the sausages...
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    anotehr 3.25 spent at local shop today on a few bits
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    Hi all,

    Not sure if this should go in here, but mysupermarket are currently doing a competition to win £100 Amazon voucher if you enter a budget friendly recipe on facebook

    See here
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    Hello; I've had my third shopping of the month today, £13.24 in Mr W. £136.57 are left in the pot.
  • shopping just arrived from Mr Ts - bless him!! complete and utter bargain of £18.71 today for

    10 bags of cathedral city
    1 tin of 5kg olive oil blend
    2 packs of 5kg rice
    4 packs of 6 babybels
    some biccies!

    Well chuffed - and hopefully will get £10 back from quidco too, although its trackng at £5.00 at the moment.

    Now i am definately stocked for the rest of the month! May start doing some NSDs too - am wasting sooooo much time and money at the moment just buying stuff that is cheap and in sales, when i don't need it!
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    I wanted a few bits to make a cheap apple pudding with the Bramleys my mother gave me, but wasn't able to get what I wanted so I ended up spending £5.80 on other bits to make pudding for 6 people, and used the apples as well (was eating with friends this evening). I also spent £1.75 for 2kg potatoes! Also, I've had a cold this week and have been eating double my usual. Store cupboards are now very low. I will be using up veg from the fridge to make soup tomorrow and plan to shop on Thursday. It's going to be difficult to keep to budget this month as I have friends coming to stay over the weekend, but there's nothing else in the pot so I have no choice but to keep to budget.
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  • mummysavermummysaver Forumite
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    Picked up some reduced avocados last night, reduced to 8p each and bogof, so another 16p to add to my total! They are nice and ripe so a couple will be in salad tonight for dinner and the others will have to hang on a couple of days to become guacamole!

    Now just need to sort out my mealplan for next week, think I have enough food for an army, and won't need to do a big shop next week.
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  • New here and trying to change my shopping ways! Work in the local corner shop so tend to be picking things up constantly in work and wasting money!!! We have a diary for staff buys and it just comes out of wages at the end of the week and all too often I'm coming home with less than a £5 as I've spent the rest in work... Its opposite the house AND kids school so its way too easy to nip in for little bits and bobs and it builds up!!!

    Right please put me down for £320.... hoping to come in under!!!
    Have managed on a minimal shopping week (yup picking stuff up from work!) so so far I'm £60 into that.... then its the farm on saturday for a big fruit and veg stock up and pumpkin picking with the children!!

    Fingers crossed I may kick this lazy habit and take a walk up to the butchers/ farm shops and save some money!

    Has gone to play on her own little world for a bit..... but its ok the voices in her head came too so she's not alone ;)
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