Addicted to sums, totals & spreadsheets....Am I the only one?

Right, I have to admit it - being on here and debt busting for nearly the last two years has turned me into a total maths geek! :D

Give me a scrap of paper and a writing implement and i've covered it in numbers, worked out a formula for something and come up with an answer to a rediculous question that I've set myself in under 4minutes!!!

I guess it comes from wanting to be in control and I feel that when I am fully aware of my situation numerically I am satisfied that I am still doing an ok job at killing my debt monster. :rolleyes:

I was wondering if this was a phenomenon that came with MSE or is it just me? :cool:

Some may say I probably have too much time on my hands however I think it has helped me to become far more focussed and improved my maths and excel abilities ten fold. :T

Ok, so these are just some of the things that I've worked out over the past few weeks. They range from the average to the completely random.

I am exactly 75% through my debt free journey
My debt free date is 21st Nov which is in 2.7 months :rotfl:
When I have paid everything off I will have paid a total of £115.38 per week for the last 102 weeks!!!
Last year I took home just under 11,000 in wages and paid off over £5700 to my debt!!!
This year I earned 17,000 and will have paid off over £7000 to my debt.
Next year - it will be ALLLL mine :D

To me this is free motivation!!

Have any of you worked out any random facts about your debt journey to help you on the way??? Or should I just seek help right away :rotfl:


  • JoKay_2
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    Hi there - no, you're not alone - I have a mega spreadsheet showing income & outgoings until 2030...... :eek:
  • I am 101% certain that I am not as good as you at maths.
    “Careful. We don't want to learn from this.”
  • Wow I bet that's a work of art!!! :rolleyes: I bet you're super organised!!!
  • It is funny as I've always hated maths and was told I was very bad at it at school!

    However when it is saving money we are talking about then it is far more interesting :D
  • Morning I love a good spread sheet hehe I can't say I'm all thatgood at them but it does help that you can put the snowballing chart into excell how do I work out percentage of debt paid ?
    I AM A MONEY MAGNET, THEY ARE MAKING MORE MONEY FOR ME AS WE SPEAK:pMIKES MOB, DFW NERD 1071, DFW LHS 132!MIRACLES HAPPEN I'VE SEEN IT WITH MY OWN EYES. LBM 08£77240.69 Current outstanding total £36083.01 Paid so far = £41157.68
  • Tr@cker
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    It can become an obscession but im thinking now thats why most of us ended up here-compulsive personalities.
  • i'm a compulsive lister, but these days along with outgoings for shopping etc there's breakdowns of what I'm saving for Pap's 100 Days Challenge, what is going off my total debt & what my budget for any treats (if any) is. And then once I've spent it I write it all again in my spending diary!

    I need help too, don't i? :o

    @ LBM = £15,872.65, now £10,819.82
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  • I started off with a spreadsheet, but now prefer to use a notebook, its full of anticipated spend per week, actual spend, lots of little sub totals, complete work of art; makes sense only to me, but I constantly add up the money in my purse and compare it with projected figures.

    BTW best thing I ever did was start making lists and using CASH!!
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  • Lemon_Tree
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    no you're definitely not the only one, i know to the penny how much is in everyone of my accounts, i know my debt to the penny, and i know the exact month i will be debt free, how it will be achieved and how many months/years i've shaved off my dfd.
  • I wish I knew all this, I have my online banking and check that but I don't have a spread sheet, I feel quite left out!!

    Nevertheless she persisted.
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