September 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • scotsaver - Hmmm ... London ... Christmas pud ... I'll get me coat! Seriously though, my mum does the Christmas cooking but I'm sure she's used Delia's recipe in the past and it was scrumdillyumptions!

    cw18 - Sorry to hear about the doggie troubles. Pets can be expensive beasts (but I love mine anyway!)

    I didn't get my NSD yesterday. I realised at tea-time that I'd forgotten to buy sweetener in my main shop so had to go back to Lidl :(

    Today, I'll need to buy my NRT so that'll be £7 gone. Be worth it though - I was spending over £10 a *day* on cigarettes ...
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    Today, I'll need to buy my NRT so that'll be £7 gone. Be worth it though - I was spending over £10 a *day* on cigarettes ...
    Wow, well done on quitting that kind of habit. :T How long have you been stopped for?

    I quit one year ago (and 8 days, if we're counting!) with the OS method - nothing but willpower. I was insane for the first two days. It's been worth it though and I wouldn't start smoking again because I don't think I could go through quitting again :rotfl:
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    I've spent £26.33 this week and have updated my total. I also made 4 jars of green tomato chutney yesterday as I was fed up waiting for my tomatoes to turn red.
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    I really [STRIKE]want[/STRIKE] need some boots for winter. I don't want to spend all winter just wearing trainers.
    Soooooooo I am tempted to go and look at the shoes in Tesco's and Sainsbury's and see what they have there.

    Do i count that as part of the Grocery shop though :rolleyes:

    Two NSD on the trot (well apart from giving a £1 for a water bottle for DS at nursery) :T Will possibly blow a 3rd NSD if I see some boots that are suitable :o What's the betting I won't find anything that I like.....both a blessing and a curse.....
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  • ooh major cooking day - have cooked a yummy fish pie (only have to warm it up for dinner) and i have mini apple crumbles in the oven - and a flapjack cooking!! Would have been a nsd but i forgot I needed cream for the fish pie!! typical!

    will post the recipe for fish pie later when I have more time as it is especially yummy - plus I always get the fish whoopsied otherwise it wouldn't be quite so MSE!
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  • esmf73 wrote: »
    Have failed this month - just had to restock freezer and have seen too many bargains for Christmas. Now I have stock in freezer and cupboards I'll reset my budget and start again on Monday until half term.

    Honest!!! ;)

    Hi - you haven't failed - you've used good judgement and bought ahead of time!! Thats what I tell myself lol

    Helen x
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    Another £22 spent in mrT's this morn i managed to get quite a lot too.
    I have also had a busy day in the kitchen, got casserole in slow cooker, done all washing - wash basket is acctually empty!!!, all dishes washed dryed and put away, made bread crumbs with last few slices of stale bread (now in the freezer for pasta bake next week) , peeled, chopped and stewed a load of apples ready for crumbles plus made extra crumble topping with last of flour for freezer. I've also been through my cupboards and done a meal plan for the next few days. I'm gonna list it here if no one minds, just i'm more likely to stick to it if i do this:rolleyes:
    Today - beef casserole and potatoes followed by apple crumble
    Fri - lasange and chips
    Sat - pie mash and veg
    Sun - chicken dinner followed by some sort of pud - i'll see what i have left by then
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  • As you can see from my signature my "little" shopping trip to Asda didn't go to plan and I've gone over Budget.:mad: However, I did pick up some Whoopsies, blueberries, some of which I have used in some Muffins I've baked and some the kids can have in their Lunchboxes tomorrow, also got a Free Range chicken whoopsied so have put that in the Freezer, also they had tins of Ye Old Oak Corned Beef rolled back to £1 so bought a few of those to stash away in the Cupboard.

    So don't feel too bad as I've not "wasted" any money.:o

    Dinner tonight will be Pasta with bacon and mushrooms and I've picked the last of the Rhubarb from the Garden and made a Rhubarb plate pie for Pud.;)

    Have a good evening everyone.:D
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  • A visit to the farm shop today and another £9.83 spent on - 2 lt milk, 20 eggs, 4 pears, 3 nectarines, 3 large tomatoes and some flapjacks and ginger cake.
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    Seem to have done a lot of shopping this week, and I'm very close to budget now - but I can account for about £20 of it on DS2s birthday food, and the baking cupboard was empty and he's requested weetabix brownie for his 'birthday cake', so I had to restock that too as I need to do about 4 batches.

    Am going near a Tesco tomorrow so I'm planning on buying as much 65p milk as I can fit in the fridge, and hopefully there shouldn't be much, if anything, else needed between then and the end of the month.
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