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Great 'Best Value Cabin Luggage' Hunt

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  • Snowy2cv6 wrote: »
    For overhead luggage we use items similar to Item no. 260467576807 on Fleabay, the handles are long enough to carry over the shoulder too. Just keep an eye on measurements. They have worked perfectly.
    I use minature zip lock bags, for decanting liquid makeup, moisturisers etc. into and conditioner/shampoo etc. into the readily available small plastic bottles. also like a previous post, wear all the heavy stuff, we have managed cold destinations like this i.e. Christmas markets. Bon Voyage!!

    :rolleyes:Aha, found it, at last, Fleabay item 110350073260, this is exactly what I use, the OH has a black one.
  • Take a look at bagsetc dot co dot uk and then go to Sun-O bags, which are the lightest in the world. The 19" carry-on complies with Ryanair carry-on restrictions
  • bagand96bagand96 Forumite
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    Another vote for Tripp cases from Debenhams. But only when they are in the sale! Although everytime they have a sale the Tripp luggage is always reduced very well (makes me wonder if it ever actually sells anywhere near the "RRP") and cabin ones can be picked up for £20.

    Debenhams sale is still on although I would imagine the stock is becoming limited now, but wait for the next sale, they'll be round again. The ones linked on this thread are very good although I have a slightly different style which has outside pockets, which I do prefer when taking hand baggage only, to keep documents etc in.
  • 230155569.jpg

    I bought one of these for a trip to London, for £7.99 at intersport; when I measured it ,if i could just remove the short carry handle off the short end, it would fit easyjet's dimensions perfectly!! pass the hammer!!
  • vall_2vall_2 Forumite
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    the_grizz wrote: »
    Take a bar of soap instead of shower gel, Seemples
    Also ' Lush' do things like shampoo/conditioners in solid form
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  • als1805als1805 Forumite
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    Have a think about whether you need a wheeled case, these are usually heavy, and as said before, the wheels "ruin" the otherwise perfect size. I have a shoulder bag in the exact dimensions that cost about £5 and have used it for trips of up to 5 days several times. Particularly valuable on a 9-change train journey where whilst everyone was struggling getting their wheeled cases up and down the steps, and often had to struggle with them on their laps in packed trains, I was able to merrily breeze past with my shoulder bag or squish it comfortably on my lap.

    OK, I did have a sore shoulder when I got home!

    And 100ml of shampoo, shower gel etc is far too much for a trip of a few days, I just take hotel freebies with me, hardly any weight.

    Finally, the time you save not having to wait at the baggage carousel is invaluable (first in the taxi/bus queue!), as is the knowledge that your baggage can't get lost!

    OK, I'll shut up now :-)
  • thetheboythetheboy Forumite
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    Gambit wrote: »
    Here's the link although they seem to be out of stock at the mo!

    THEY HAD THESE IN BOYES A WHILE BACK AND THEY LOOKED ace really sturdy and good size etc...
    It's better to travel hopefully than arrive...
  • Just done 5 days in Majorca with Fly2 with only hand luggage (i think they are the smallest allowance in size, but i think the weight allowance is slightly better than some of the others ). Anyway - bought 2 Tripp cases from Debenhams on-line for £19 each. Fitted perfect in the hold - no worries at all at weigh-in etc. A breeze.
  • stu369stu369 Forumite
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    Fitted perfect in the hold - no worries at all at weigh-in etc. A breeze.
    This thread is about avoiding checking bags into the hold.

  • HelenKA_2HelenKA_2 Forumite
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    In Morrisons this week I saw a shopping trolley style of bag for £5. I used the same thing (Luckily also £5 but from fleabay) for our holiday this year. We did check one bag - for the shower gel/shampoo/sun cream - in but other than that we only took handbaggage. The good thing about this bag is that the wheels sort of fold into the bag so they don't take up so much room in the measruing box.

    It held plenty for me and came in way under weight. Infact we decided that you would need to have a cement block of the correct dimensions to go over the 10kg allowed!
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