Why is the cinema so expensive?



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    Our local cinema has dropped their charges to £2.50 weekdays and £3.50 weekends for the summer hols. Compare that to the odeon where it's over £7 a ticket off peak and more at peak times! Local one also doesn't mind if you take your own snacks in. Great value!

    I found that Odeon is by far the most expensive
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    we went to the cinema a few months ago for the first time in years, we are off at the moment and thought we would take the kids for a treat, the first 3 films on the local cinema website are 3D and thought that they would be a good one to take them to see, family ticket £19.60 but they want another £5 for the 3D movies with popcorn and drinks thats an expensive few hours. :mad:

    just checked our local odeon, they want £39 for the same show ouch
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    Seen this on here somewhere and cant remember where, not sure of the exact details but free cinema tickets on a Saturday morning for families at woolies..Maybe save someone thats reading this money!

  • As someone who's worked a (thankfully) brief stint in a cinema, I think it's worth pointing out that there are a few loopholes which you can work around.
    The one I worked in was a Vue, where they do several offers for cheaper films, provided you qualify.

    There's the 'Senior screening' every Monday. You don't get a choice of film, and it's usually one coming out on DVD in the next few weeks but it's £3 a ticket, and you get tea/coffee and a biscuit with that.

    There's also the Kids AM films, which are in the morning every Saturday and Sunday, and during the week too if its a school holiday. Again, you're limited to what they're showing that week, so the film will be the same one on both Saturday and Sunday, and it'll be one that's out on DVD fairly soon. But it's £1.70 per ticket - and you get one free adult ticket per child. One parent and one child would be £1.70, one parent two children would be £3.40, two parents two children £3.40 and so on.

    Failing that, Orange Wednesdays are a pretty good deal for everyone else, although it's usually very busy. And Vue at least add a £1.30 surcharge onto any 3D film tickets you get free, which they keep quiet. It's still considerably less than what you'd pay usually, but it's pretty sneaky.
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    I have no idea why anyone goes to the cinema these days. There don't seem to be any really big screens (like I grew up with) - the films are just shown on extremely big TVs with a volume I can't control.

    Damn, I've officially turned into an old fart, in my 40s!

    I just remember seeing a few, memorable, films on a really big screen. The new multiplexes seem to just have a lot of really, really big TVs. There are a few things I'd love to see on their screens, but they are documentaries so it'll never happen.

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    The big chains (Odeons, Vues, etc) are all the biggest rip off. A recent visit to Odeon Camden - £8 a ticket, had to queue 20 minutes for snacks / drinks, then had to sit through a good 20 minutes of adverts / trailers in a cramped seat with no legroom.

    There's plenty of independent cinemas which offer a far better service - Greenwich Picturehouse (£10, £6 Mondays) gives you big comfy reclining seats and masses of legroom, and hardly any ads, Everyman Hampstead (£12) will even give you a two-seater sofa to curl up on, complete with cushions and a coffee table, and waiter service for nibbles & drinks during the ads. Both cinemas will let you take a glass of wine with you into the screen. Personally I think the price is worth paying every now and then - if you're watching a movie in cramped conditions in an Odeon, sitting through loads of ads, then you're absolutely right, you're better off buying a pirate DVD and watching it in the comfort of your own home. However if you find the right cinema, maybe paying a little extra, you can really have a far more enjoyable evening, and it actually makes going to the cinema a pleasure again.
  • The cinema in Dorchester is a real bargain. All seats are £2.50 Monday to Friday and £3.50 at weekends.
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    It's £7.70 at Cineworld in Luton now for peak time tickets. Tuesdays are still Bargain Tuesdays (£5 something I forget the exact figure) and going the day is cheaper.
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    I got two free cinema tickets this year doing a Love Film 30 day free trial and I used to get loads of cinema tickets by collecting the tickets from M&M's, Maltesers, Minstrels and Revels though that deal isn't running at the moment. You could only go Monday-Thursday but was still a good deal.

    Interestingly me and my boyfriend went to the Cineworld in Weymouth and it was cheaper than the Cineworld in Luton.
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    one tip would be to complain if you peed off with lots of talking etc, someone is supposed to check screen every 15mins or so and tell off and chuck out trouble makers, they will most of the time give you complimentary tickets usable for any other film, but watch out for the date if you get one of those and dont plan to go soon ask for a longer dated one, just explaing this.

    complain about scratches on film as well, wether they are the black ones or the much worse green and yellow ones deffinitely complain. also if the sound is crap or format wrong and they dont change it or big fuzzy lines bottom top or sides they are meant to check those every 10-15mins as well and sort it if its possible.
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