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August 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • taka wrote: »
    Rosieben - It was the economy gastronomy thread! Yummy!

    Thanks taka, I've posted it on that thread now ;)
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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  • Hi, does anyone know what I can do with rhubarb as well as stewing it for crumble etc? I've just been given some.
    I also have some satsumas that are really too sour for dd or myself to eat raw and was wondering if I could make an orange(substitute satsumas!)cake or something similar or whether to add them to the rhubarb in something?
    I don't know if this is the right place to ask but any ideas would be really appreciated, thanks.
    July grocery- 24.40/220. NSD-1/3.
    Myself, DD, 2 cats, 35 weeks pregnant.
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  • Just updated all the bits on my sig.
    Did a big shop of £125 on Saturday due to a family gathering which was great. Lots of cheese left over and some chilli and triffle. Lots in so OK cooking for family. Another sort of gathering next weekend which needs to be a bit 'posh'. I'm hoping it gets cancelled.
  • Hi all

    Just to update - the Blackberry Bake was lovely and yummy
    Thank you
    Helen x
    Projects made for craft fair - 40 :)
    1st fair on 13/4/14 :j
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    Small spend in Lidl to add for today - needed Nescafe and they have it at £3, Mr M's £4.25.

    Also got some of the cheese on offer at £1.29 which has gone into the freezer, half kilo of lovely big vine tomatoes, 25p (had some for tea, they are very tasty) and some plums, £1.00 plus couple of other bits I needed, total £6.72.
  • Hi all!

    I would like to join you, please put me down for £200 for August :D Thanks
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    Sorry folks - haven't been able to keep up to date with posts lately. I don't know how I find time to go to work! Have been busy looking after MIL and preparing for visit from my own APs. Have done masses of cooking. I used the Bulk Mince recipe that someone (I think it was Rosieben) gave a link to - I used half the quantities as that's all the mince I had and all that would fit in my slow cooker. I had about 1/4pt of red wine left at the bottom of a bottle and put this in too. I made a cannelloni for 4 people and batched up another 9 portions of the resulting bolognese sauce. Not the 40 portions for the full amount in the original recipe but not bad. Even with the wine and the odds and ends of veg I used up in it it worked out at less than £1 a portion so I am pleased!

    Have also made a quiche today and a lemon meringue pie for tomorrow. I will post the quiche recipe when I have a moment as it is a good one! Have also been enjoying homemade bread again thanks to Lollyfin!

    Have updated my signature and have about £43 left till 28th - I am still hopeful of coming in on target - only one more 'big shop' to go and I don't need any meat.

    Well house is clean and tidy ready for inspection tomorrow! Hope everyone is ok - i think I deserve and early night!

    love Moniker
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    Hi guys, shopping at Mr T's, total came to £40.81...£15 of which was the school uniform bundle but ill include it in the budget goes

    School uniform £15.00
    yorkshire puddings £0.43
    passata £0.32
    soya milk (for DS, lactose intolerant!) £0.60
    hula hoops £0.81
    12 pack mini muffins - reduced to £0.99
    stuffing mix £0.30
    bbq sauce £1.44
    garlic and herb pittas 4 pack - reduced to £0.35
    plain baguette - reduced to £0.42
    battenberg cake - reduced to £1.75
    pepperoni - £1.38
    ham - £0.42
    gingsters mushroom slice - reduced to £0.95
    snack eggs - reduced to £1.01
    soya spread £1.10
    cheddar £1.65
    trifle 3 pack reduced to £1.19
    curly fries - reduced to £1.97
    500g mince £1.21
    3 haddock fillets reduced to £1.62
    closed cup mushrooms £0.89
    bananas - £2.14
    lettuce £0.50
    Apples £1.00
    5 peppers £1.20
    potatoes - £0.94
    spring onions £0.50
    baby present £3.50
    baby card £1.98

    not bad, considering half of that wasnt actuallt groceries...any ideas what to do with the haddock??


    K x
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    kirstenc wrote: »
    any ideas what to do with the haddock??
    If it's unsmoked, then I'd personally use it just like cod (or any other white fish)

    So either poached and served with baby boiled pots and veg, or in a cheese or parsley sauce with rice, or in a sauce under mash as a fish pie.
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    £15.97 in Sainsbury's last night, at least £5 of that was biscuits etc as I had a rotten day. Oops.

    My August ends on Friday when I get paid :j so I will wander in on Thursday and declare.
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