would appreciate your views on Furniture Village

After reading the reports on here about DFS and Harveys I am very reluctant to go to buy my new suite from them. I have seen a couple of suites that I like in Furniture Village but I dont really know much about them, does anyone have any experience from buying from them?, are they good, bad or steer well clear!!! The suite is a bit more expensive than the ones I have seen in DFS etc the price is almost £1900 would I be able to haggle a price with them on this or do they stick rigidly to the prices, any tips on haggling a lower price would also be appreciated:D


  • sitcom123
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    just bumping this up
  • Doozergirl
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    I don't think I should say what i think but I will anyway.

    I think it's exceptionally overpriced tat :o
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  • AdrianW2
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    Having just bought a new sofa, from Harveys, my initial reaction is to agree with Dozergirl - that applies to both Harveys and Furniture Village, I couldn't find a DFS.

    However they appear to be the only option, so maybe I'm wrong and it really is a fair price.

    I'd love to know where these cheap, quality independent manufacturers are that other people seem to find.
  • mazza111
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    My mother bought a suite from them years ago, covers went a bit shady. In all credit to them, they came out and recovered it for her, and left her some extra material so she could make matching cushion covers. So although it was expensive, their customer service was pretty good.
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  • Wagearner
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    "exceptionally overpriced tat"

    A little harsh.

    Firstly 'Tat': OK some of their furniture may not be to everyone's taste - I have a personal aversion to glass topped dining tables (particularly where the legs are some odd fake stone, but there is a good range of style available. From my personal experience, the quality is also good. We bought a matching pair of leather sofas (a 2 seater and three seater) which are looking as good as new two years on, the leather is thick enough not to mark and by their sheer weight they contain a good amount of real wood which won't fall apart any time soon.

    As to price: I think the quality is reasonable. Paying £850 for a pair of real leather sofas in a style we liked and to an exact size we needed (to fit in an awkward bay window) does not strike me as exceptionally overpriced.

    And they always offer free coffee and cookies, even when just browsing. It may take a while to make the savings for a sofa, but it's cheaper than Starbucks!

    My view - if they have what you want I would be surprised if it wouldn't be up to a decent standard and delivered on time. But of course go and compare the prices elsewhere and maybe try use a cheaper offer to haggle - the sales staff seem to have a fair amount of discretion from my experience.
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    Katie Price buys her furniture at Furniture Village. Depending on your taste this may be a positive or a negative :D
    .................:)....I'm smiling because I have no idea what's going on ...:)
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    Errata wrote: »
    Katie Price buys her furniture at Furniture Village. Depending on your taste this may be a positive or a negative :D

    A negative.. :D
  • gabyjane
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    Hi we got our corner suite from them and it is fab, we had a slight prob with it and they came out the next day to sort then replaced it for a new one! (is the way the sofa is supposed to be tbh but we didnt know that at the time!)..the customer service is really good, well it was for us.
    I think 'tat' is a little extreme!!
  • redwineguzzler
    Well, We bought two 3 seater leather sofa's 5years ago, they are stilllooking as good as the day we bought them,they are used everyday- we have no pets, I dont know if that makes a difference?

    We paid £1, 400 for the two of them, DFS/SCS/Land od Leather.

    Good Luck
  • redwineguzzler
    Oop's,hit the wrong button, what I meant to say was would not touxh DFS etc......
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