£100 cashback & more on 12-mth O2 SIMplicity SIM-only mobile contracts - £11.25/mth!

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21 September 2009

[title=http://images2.moneysavingexpert.com/images/dp/wtd_underline.gif]wtd_icon.gif What's this about?[/title]

Until the end of September, a cashback site's offering £100 and a free £10 O2 Money card when you sign up for a 12-month, SIM-only O2 contract. Since the network's popular SIMplicity contracts offer top value anyway, this is a great bonus.

The cheapest package usually costs £19.58/mth for twelve months. So, factoring in the cashback over the course of it, the monthly cost is reduced to £11.25.

[title=http://images2.moneysavingexpert.com/images/dp/wtd_underline.gif]wtd_icon.gif How do I get it?

First you'll need to sign up with the cashback site if you haven't already. The site doing the deal, Quidco*, takes the first £5 you earn each year as an admin fee, so if this is the only cashback you earn from it, the total return will be £95.

Now you need to click through to O2 via your chosen cashback site's special link, logging in on the way if you need to. It'll take you to O2's online shop, where you can buy the contract normally. Take care to select a 12-month SIMplicity package; the first tab it shows is for one-month deals (which start at £9.79/mth).

If you've previously looked at the O2 SIMplicity deal (either direct or on a comparison site) it's worth clearing your web browser's cookies before going to O2 via the link above, as they may interfere with the tracking process. If you don't know how to do this, see the AboutCookies site.

After a few days your cashback account should show that the cashback's tracked, though the amount of money it shows is likely to be incorrect. That should update in due course (within a month, when it's validated), and you should be paid within 60 days.

Cashback deals are never 100% guaranteed, though with special deals like this one they tend to work out. If you're unfamiliar with how they work, then it'll pay to read the Cashback Sites guide before doing this.

Free £10 O2 Money card on top.

As an added bonus, take up this deal and you'll also get an O2 Money prepaid card, loaded with £10 to spend on anything you like. You needn't top it up if you don't want to: just spend the pre-loaded tenner and ditch it.

The O2 Money card's a reasonable, if not amazing proposition for UK spending if you do want to keep it, and offers handy real-time balance updates by text. Read the full Prepaid Cards guide for the current top deals.

[title=http://images2.moneysavingexpert.com/images/dp/wtd_underline.gif]wtd_icon.gif Will this suit me?

While this deal is undoubtedly incredible value for the right person, it's still a waste of money if you won't use the minutes, texts and add-ons it offers. Use a comparison site like Onecompare* or Mobilephonechecker* to see if there's another tariff that's more suitable for you before plumping for this, and remember you'll need a decent, unlocked (or O2-locked) handset to put the SIM in.

Read the full Cheap Mobiles guide if you're in the market for a new handset.

[title=http://images2.moneysavingexpert.com/images/dp/wtd_underline.gif]wtd_icon.gif What's SIMplicity?

It's the name O2 gives its SIM-only packages, designed for people that already have the (unlocked) handset they want, but just want decent value usage. It's especially good for those who use a lot of data, as it's possible to choose an unlimited mobile web bolt on which lets you surf as much as you want (within reason) in the UK.

For £19.58/mth you get 800 mins and a massive 1600 texts, plus importantly you get to choose one inclusive add on from the following:

- Unlimited O2 to O2 calls
- Unlimited texts
- Unlimited weekend calls
- Unlimited landline calls
- 200 extra anytime minutes
- Unlimited Wi-Fi (at BT Openzone hotspots)
- Unlimited Web Bolt On (subject to fair usage)

Super-prolific, bordering-on-obsessive mobile users can opt for the £29.38/mth SIMplicity package instead, which offers a huge 1600 minutes and 3200 texts. This works out at £21.05/mth once the cashback's factored in.

[title=http://images2.moneysavingexpert.com/images/dp/wtd_underline.gif]wtd_icon.gif Related Guides
Thanks to Austin for originally posting details of this deal below! This post has been inserted to provide a full explanation.

* Using these links helps the site stay ad-free and free to use, as they're 'affiliated links' which invisibly take you via commercial price comparison services like Moneysupermarket or Find, which then pay this site per click.

You shouldn't notice any difference, the links don't impact the product at all and the editorial line (the things I write) is NEVER impacted by the revenue. If it isn't possible to get an affiliate link for the best product, it is still recommended and still included. The following http://www.quidco.com/o2, http://www.topcashback.co.uk/retailerdetailO2.htm, http://www.onecompare.com, http://www.mobilephonechecker.co.uk are identical unaffiliated links provided for the sake of transparency. Click the following link for more details on how this site's financed.


  • austin
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    edited 4 August 2009 at 9:03PM

    o2/Quidco are currently offering a massive £100 cashback for obtaining a 12 month sim only contract via the Quidco site.

    This offer is available until Midnight Monday 3rd August 2009
    [EDIT] offer has now been extended until further notice.

  • ukchriss
    ukchriss Posts: 741 Forumite
    Cheapest = Cost per month

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  • CL
    CL Posts: 1,537
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    ukchriss wrote: »
    Cheapest = Cost per month

    Where does it state the minimum cost on the website there are 4 options from £9.79 to 29.38
  • ic
    ic Posts: 3,285
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    Those are the 1 month contract sims - the cheapest 12 months contract is £19.58 (after cashback equates to £11.25). For what you get its a bargain.
  • http://shop.o2.co.uk/simplicity-12

    £9.79 is a 1 month contract
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  • Searcher2
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    To save people looking - works out at £11.25 per month for 12 months after cashback for 800 minutes, 1600 texts and a choice of one bolt-on e.g. unlimited weekend calls, free O2 to O2 calls.
  • austin
    austin Posts: 560 Forumite
    Searcher2 wrote: »
    To save people looking - works out at £11.25 per month for 12 months after cashback for 800 minutes, 1600 texts and a choice of one bolt-on e.g. unlimited weekend calls, free O2 to O2 calls.

    £11.25? thats a bargain... now wondering whether to cancel that 12 month simplicity one i took out a few days ago... :undecided then re-submit through quidco?
  • Astec
    Astec Posts: 515 Forumite
    Has this tracked for anyony yet? I know there were a few issues tracking last time the offer was on.

    Also, has anyone ported a number? If so, does it have to be done at point of sale or can it be done later?

    Want to move the wife onto it, but wanna make sure it tracks and have a number port.
  • gk172
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    I took the deal the last time when it was £110 and initially it didnt track and i had to put a claim in which was sent to merchant but when it paid out for those that did track mine paid out too and monies were recieved without the claim being closed dont understand but got the £110 ;) and i ported my number into 02 but not initialy as there was talk it would invalidate quidco so i waited till quidco confirmed a number port wouldnt affect cashback and then i ported so i was about 6 weeks into my 02 contract when the port went through.
    The more i save the more i can spend:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
  • Graz-D
    Graz-D Posts: 101 Forumite
    I signed up ONE DAY before they introduced the £100 cashback, this was when it was £35! But it hasn't tracked yet (this is around 4 days now) so maybe I will get the £100 if I'm lucky... how long does it take to track?

    Everything else I've done on Quidco usually takes no more than a day...
    Moneysaver and proud :)
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