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  • I've had 4 of these calls this week - all asking for 'the man of the house'...

    They claimed that me or someone in my household has entered a competition in the last 6 months, and they got me details that way - but I never enter Anything!

    When I started to say I'm registered with TPS, and they shouldn't be phoning me, they hung up half way through.... really annoying!!
  • Had 4 calls yesterday the first at 7:35 and the last at 19:45.
    Same sort of thing today except I have had 6 calls already.
    This has been happening for months.

    I started by being nice and answering the questions that did not require me to reveal sensitive personal information but as the calls continued I changed tact and started to give them bogus information. I have tried asking to be removed from their list but this just made the calls more frequent.

    I'm seriously considering buying a premium rate number just so I can get paid for the time I spend telling these people NO!
  • From reading this thread all I can see is every other user on here complaining about being called but nobody has done anything to investigate who they are, why they're calling and what they I have taken up the challenge.

    I had these guys phone up today asking for my parents (I'm living here temporarily before I move into my new house with my other half, plus to boot I'm between jobs so when the phone rings I'm the receptionist!) and I got this chap on the phone, same story, Indian guy in a call centre, pleasant enough and had our name and address, so I entertained him for a while (well, when you're unemployed and job hunting gets too much it's a welcome distraction)

    He asked me a series of questions to do with various things such as would we give to charities at some point in the future, when was our loft insulated, how old is our washing machine, who provides our TV phone and internet services, would we be moving house in the next three weeks, would we be interested in special offers from this that and the other company.

    I let him finish the questions (one of which was "what is your favourite colour?" (i replied) ..."OOOH Mine too sir, my favourite!"....yeah alright...)

    So anyway, got to the end of it all (about 25 questions in total) and he was very polite to be fair to him the whole way through, although it was obviously scripted but having worked in call centres before it's not an easy job - the British public aren't as polite and courteous as they lead us all to believe! I asked him what the company was called and he said "Lifestyle Choice" which I googled and it brought me here.

    I'm trying to find out who they are but he did assure me all the results would be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988 however I happen to know that anyone holding personal data must appoint specific Data Managers and Data Controllers under the act and they must follow strict guidelines (I used to be an Estate Agent and subsequently trained apprentices in the law, hence my knowledge on the Act) so if we can find out who they are and where they are based, we should be able to get hold of them. If not, there must be a way of tracing calls using some clever software/hardware. If the government can snoop on us, then we can build our own snooper box and find out who keeps calling us.....and call them....all the time.....every day......asking dumb questions.

    Any volunteers? Lets open a call centre. :p:D
  • Interestingly, a little research and I found this;

    seems to be the same company from what I can work out.
  • I use this method to cut down on unwanted callers.

    I let my answerphone filter the calls for me and it works quite well. I use the following script.

    "Calls are monitored, so if you speak after the tone I may be here to answer. I am registered with the Telephone Preference Service and do not accept unsolicited calls to this number".

    I just sit and listen if I am home and it is so satisfying to hear the message saying "the other caller has cleared".

    Genuine callers leave a message and if I recognise them I will pick up the phone.
  • You lot are so polite. I give them the biggest mouth full just to see how much I can wind them up. Or answer the phone "Hello British Lifestyle survey, how can I help you? As I know its a foreign call and its likely to be them. :eek:
  • Don't get wound up. Have some fun.These people called me last night and I answered their questions.
    1. I am in the highest earnings band they quoted.
    2. I have no mortgage and have never had a loan or credit
    3. I am not interested in supporting any charities.
    4. I do not have an energy supplier as I live in a tent.
    They later asked me if I was interested in having a conservatory. When I asked how this would work on a tent, I think they sussed out I was taking the Mick.

    Also with the microsoft scam, tell them you are having problems with your laptop/PC and pretend to go through the motions. DONT log onto any web site they suggest. I told them my screen kept going blank and had to restart the laptop. After 45 minutes they gave up. They have never called back, so far.
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