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    my nan answered their questions first time and they never called again

    p.s TPS is useless with this type of call
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    I got one asking for "the man of the house" which narked me as I'm single! She was rude and said it would only take a few minutes and surely I could spare that. Then just started asking questions anyway so I hung up. I'm ex-directory and on TPS.

    Also getting loads of PPI calls on both my landline and mobile. No idea where they have my numbers from as I've never bought anything with PPI before. One lady was adamant she would need to check as "you probably never read the small print and it's been added on anyway". She seemed most put out when I said I'd never sign up for anything without reading the small print :D
    Here I go again on my own....
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    I got the usual call this evening just before 8pm. Will they never give up.....
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    I too recieved an phone call last night at 6.50pm & this man with an accent said to me 'is the lady of the house in' i said yes.

    He told me he was from the British life style survey & i am not trying to sell you anything mam' just you need to answer yes/no survey. I did not know what type of questions they might me so I said 'No i will not answer these questions and then he rudely said 'Put down your phone!' so I hung up on him.

    I recently get a lot of these Out of Area calls and majority of these calls I get during the days so I'm assuming its them because I am not on in the directory and i am on the TPS.

    If you get these calls, just hang up and dont answer them.
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  • I get these a lot and it drives me mad. My theory is that they just randomly ring lists of numbers in the hope that something will stick.

    After a bit of a google after the most recent call I think I may have found the name of the overseas company that's doing it (by way of an individual's Linkedin entry stating that he worked on the project).

    I'll be contacting the TPS to see if there's anything they can do.
  • lincroft1710lincroft1710 Forumite
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    SueMaggie wrote: »

    I'll be contacting the TPS to see if there's anything they can do.

    If the calls are coming from overseas, there's little TPS can do about it.
  • This bunch are such a nuisance. They've called us numerous times, even in the same evening after we've asked them not to call us again. They knew our surname, and claimed that this British Lifestyle Survey was to do with the recession...?? Hilariously when my husband asked where they got our details, they said it was from the "UK Human Resources Department"...! Any success in making them go away, please share x
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    Same here. Just say nothing,put the phone on the side and let them talk to cant beat them.
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  • Just had this bunch call a few minutes ago. Heavily accented foreign call centre worker by the sounds of it - very hard to understand.

    As above, asked for the man of the house, said he was from the "British Lifestyle Survey" and would ask a short series of questions, only take a minute etc.

    Asked him if he understood what the Telephone Preference Service was, where he got my number from and also what company he was from as I would be making a complaint. He hastily rang off saying he would delete my details from their system. Time will tell whether he really will delete them...

    Did 1471 afterwards, but "...we do not have the callers number". Complaining seems a bit pointless without anything else to go on.
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    It was my turn today for a call from British Lifestyles survey. The woman with very broken english & foreign accent asked for me by name... I told her the person she wanted to spk to wasnt in & could I take a msg?! She said she could talk to me instead and told me it would take 1 or 2 mins of my time and she wasnt selling anything, kept refering to me as Ma'am. I kept saying I didnt understand her, but she just kept saying the same waffle over & over again. I finally got the jist she was asking me to confirm my postcode & house number & first name. I told her I didnt confirm personal details to strangers with withheld numbers and asked her where she got my details from - She promptly hung up on me.
    Time will tell if she calls back again!! Next time the phone gets put in the drawer whilst still connected to the caller.
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