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  • Hi, I had a call from these people as well just now - does anyone know how they get phone numbers?

    Having just moved into this property I have only had the new phone number for 2 days, I am ex-directory and have so far only given it out to my dad and sister. Or do they just call random numbers and see if anyone picks up the phone?

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    I've also had a call tonight from them at 9pm. I said I had 2 young children in bed and it was very late so I didn't have time to talk. The guy on the phone was very rude and was not prepared to take 'no' for an answer. I ended up having to put the phone down on him. How do they get your number? I'm ex directory as well and my family only have my home number.
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    We've had the same call, just said I wasnt interested and put the phone down, we seem to be getting a lot of calls from Indian call centres, with people calling themselves Ray, Dawn etc! Had several supposedly from Microsoft which is a well known scam, then one saying we'd won the lottery and now getting these!!!!
  • Just had a call from them too, number unavailable. I'm ex-directory and registered with the TPS.

    If their number isn't shown, I don't give them the time of day. Could be anybody.

    He asked if I was the man of the house and then said he was from the British Lifestyle Survey. He had a strange accent, with US overtones.

    I told him I wasn't interested and after he tried to say it would only take a few minutes, I just hung up.

    These calls are really annoying (as are cold callers at the door).
  • I had a call from them today and again am ex-directory and registered with TPS. Id love to know where they are getting numbers from....
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    If they don't have any details on you (ie name), than it is likely they are using random number generators which generates numbers automatically, so being ex-directory and registered with the TPS is useless against them.
  • Had British Consumers on today - run a business from home and thought i would turn survey round and ask if they would like to complete a survey for my business - the guy said i was wasting his time!!!! what a laugh - will try and think of more inventive ways to wind these people up - never rude to them - but am fed up of the tirade of calls from these people and also the pre-records for PPI claims.
  • i have had a call from this company everyday for 2 wks, i keep telling them this and they either say its not them or slam the phone down on me. im a patient and polite person normally bu
    t its starting to drive me up the wall. does any one know what to do my hubby said tell them to take you off the calling list but they slam the phone down. would one of those phone filters work?:mad:
  • Had a call from someone Indian sounding today saying they were calling from 'British Lifestyle Survey', not selling anything, first was in the last week, kept me waiting for ages before speaking, they had my name and when I asked where they got my number (ex directory, TPS and only given out if absolutely necessary) she hung up.

    Today she kept me waiting for ages too - I was pretty annoyed as I'd been in the middle of something and had to stop and go and find the phone and laid into her for calling me and not speaking for so long! When asked where she got the number she said I must have done a survey, I said I don't do surveys, she said it must have been someone in my house, I said there was no one else and she hung up.

    Would love to know who's giving them the number.
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    We are getting calls all the time from this blasted company, but for our son who is away at Uni. We've tried being polite, we've tried telling them to go away and take our number of their system- but still they call. Usually once or twice between 6.30 - 8 every evening.

    We are registered with the TRS and rarely ever get nuisance calls but these are driving us crazy. What does make they go away.
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