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MSE News. Save at 5% with access to your cash (Newcastle BS 5% Bond) NOW CLOSED



  • tiptoe_mouse
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    Bear in mind that often bank/BS staff don't know when products are being released or closed.

    I had this experience with Barclays. They had some trouble opening my monthly saver and I spoke to the personal banker at my branch to try to get this sorted. I mentioned the urgency of the issue given that the rate on the account was due to drop (for new accounts) in a couple of days time. She didn't believe me - she'd heard nothing. Then when she contacted me the following day to confirm my account was open, she said I was right - the rate would drop the following day (which it did). So either she didn't know, or had been told to keep it quiet.

    tiptoe (awaiting the outcome of this saga)
  • Speculator
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    edited 15 July 2009 at 12:16PM
    FIVE YEAR BOND/ISA paying 5.00%, FIXED POSTAL BOND (Issue 5) and FIXED RATE E-BOND (Issue 6) withdrawn and FIXED POSTAL BOND (Issue 6), FIXED RATE E-BOND (Issue 9) and FOUR YEAR FIXED ISA (Issue 1) will be launched w.e.f. 17.7.09. FIXED POSTAL BOND Issue 6: a postal operated fixed term account maturing 24.8.11 with a minimum investment of £1K paying 4.20% yearly (3.95% monthly). No earlier access permitted. Additions whilst issue remains open. FIXED RATE E-BOND (Issue 9): a fixed term internet operated account maturing 23.8.13 with a minimum investment of £1K paying 4.55% yearly (4.30% monthly). Earlier access on 90 day notice and 90 day loss of interest. Additions whilst issue remains open. FOUR YEAR ISA (Issue 1): a fixed term internet operated cash ISA maturing 23.8.13 with a minimum investment of £1 paying 4.55% yearly. Earlier access and transfers out permitted on 90 day notice and 90 day loss of interest. Additions permitted whilst issue remains open. Transfers in accepted
  • travel_freak
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    edited 15 July 2009 at 12:19PM

    Have just found the answer - just input nothing no that page and press continue and it lets you proceed.


    I'm trying to open one for a relative who is UK resident but does not have a UK passport - has anyone found a way around the page where you have to give your UK Passport info in order to open the account? Seems unreasonable that you can't open the account online if you don't have a UK passport? Any advice/ways round this would be gratefully received.

    Many thx.
  • Former_MSE_Alana
    Former_MSE_Alana Former MSE Posts: 252 Forumite

    The 5 year fixed bond and ISA have now been withdrawn. Here is the notice on the Newcastle website:

    "The 5 Year, 5%, Fixed Rate ISA and Bond (Issue 1) have been withdrawn and are no longer available for further applications. The Society will be launching alternative products on Friday 17th July 2009.

    All Online Applications submitted, will be honoured. Any Postal Applications and cheque investments must be received by close of business Friday 24th July. All ISA Transfer applications where funds are being transferred from other providers to the Newcastle will be accepted. Your current ISA provider does have 30 days from request to action this. Unfortunately no allowances can be made for interruptions in the Postal Service due to Industrial Action."

  • alanq
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    edited 15 July 2009 at 1:28PM
    Removed as duplicated information above.
  • cattie
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    Ooh, I did mine about 30 mins ago so must have squeezed in just in time. :j
    The bigger the bargain, the better I feel.

    I should mention that there's only one of me, don't confuse me with others of the same name.
  • zzzLazyDaisy
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    Well done cattie!

    Can I suggest that the title of this thread be amended to read (WITHDRAWN) so that people who got the e-mail don't waste time trawling through the thread.
    I'm a retired employment solicitor. Hopefully some of my comments might be useful, but they are only my opinion and not intended as legal advice.
  • Former_MSE_Dan
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    Hi folks,

    Just want to add another clarification. Earlier, on this page, we included early details of a new Newcastle BS 4.55% paying bond that was launching on Friday.

    It has since decided not to launch this on Friday. So if you are waiting for it to appear, I wanted to let you know why it isn't going to! Also, it would be great if any of the regular faces on this board could get this message out if other posters ask about the account, as we did mention it briefly!


    Former MSE team member
  • spal123
    spal123 Forumite Posts: 35 Forumite
    A quick "Thank-you" to MSE staff for featuring this offer.
    I personally would have missed it if it wasn't in the email and the details that were initially wrong were really just that - details.
    I got in for 5% and am very grateful.
  • RayWolfe
    RayWolfe Forumite Posts: 3,045 Forumite
    Amazing that MSE staff are watching sufficiently to "thank" the previous posting but have missed the weeks that MSE regulars have been highlighting this offering AND suggesting that it couldn't last.
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