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To Clean Or Not To Clean?

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in House Buying, Renting & Selling
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haveitallhaveitall Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in House Buying, Renting & Selling
My mother was horrified when I told her that I do not intend to clean our house before we move out.

I know I'm going to have to clean the one we move into, so why should I do this one as well, for someone elses benefit?

Am I being really unkind - what does everyone else think?


  • silvercarsilvercar Forumite, Board Guide
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    I think a clean and a polish are in order.

    Hopefully your new property will be cleaned before you move in.
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  • CCStarCCStar Forumite
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    The majority of my properties have been cleaned before we moved in.

    It was disgusting moving into the property that hadn't been cleaned and had to make the removers wait until I had at least made it reasonable to put my stuff into.

    It is good manners to leave a clean home for someone, and the person in the new property do the same.

    Moving is stressful enough then having to clean someone else's dirt - GROSS!
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  • lynzpowerlynzpower Forumite
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    Id give it a thorough once over, but not go to any "extremes" unless stipulated in the contract. Extremes meaning paying a contract cleaner. If you dont do it AT ALL , then chances are your LL will withhold some of your deposit for it, and theyd be right to do so if you havent left it in a "reasonable" state.
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  • fannyadamsfannyadams Forumite
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    I recently helped my girlfirend move out of her old flat and into a new flat.
    We spent two days cleaning her old flat until it shone (man was i tired, I didn't know you should clean so many places), and felt realloy great that the new people could just move their stuff in and get on with their lives.
    Imagine our HORROR when we arrived at the new flat and the slutty good for nothing honking lazy !!!!!! (well you get the picture) who'd had the flat before hadn't bothered to clean ANYTHING! and I mean anything - I will let your imaginations run roit here as my girlfirend had PAID (as in mortgaged up to the hilt) for this new flat and the one we just left is rental.
    It took us 5 days to clean the place - including hiring the steam cleaner for some of the really gross bits.
    She rang her solicitor in tears on the day she took posession - he said there's nothing she can do about it. But we just took photos of everything and wrote a nice letter to the estate agents with the pics and cleaning bill in and we'll wait and see.
    NO YOU SHOULD CLEAN THE PLACE! After all what is more depressing than moving into an unclean place?
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  • I would never move without cleaning first, and Im pretty sure that most people do too and to be honest Ive moved 5 times so far after buying new property and always found the new property cleaned too. Of course everyone then cleans again just to make sure, but I cant imagine anything worse than moving all of my boxes into a house that has dirt all over it.

    Personally, I clean and clean and clean when I am about to move and make sure that everything is disinfected and smells so.

    It's a matter of pride. As you can see from the post made above by fannyadams, people do not think highly of unclean property.
  • Jorgan_2Jorgan_2 Forumite
    2.3K posts
    I'm with everyone else on this, clean the house, its a matter of pride. Just because your seller may not clean the property before leaving doesn't make it right.
  • blue_haddockblue_haddock Forumite
    12.1K posts
    I must admit i don't tidy my home as much as i should do but when i sold my last home i did give it a thorough (well thorough for me!) clean from top to bottom.
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  • elisebutt65elisebutt65 Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!

    Of course you clean!!!

    I've always cleaned straight after removals men have left - you can see how much dirt is left then -all the bits hiding under beds and fridges etc.

    One time I even splashed a new coat of paint on the kitshen as well ,as there were tidemarks where the old stuff had been from cooking etc, but that's a bit excessive - lol

    Can you imagine walking into new place with all your boxes and furniture and the place is a dump - not to mention all their old skin and dustmites everywhere - ick!!!
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  • WickedkittenWickedkitten Forumite
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    I'd clean anyway, mind even when I do move into a place I clean even if it has been cleaned already.
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  • loopylassloopylass Forumite
    1.3K posts
    I agree with the others i would clean your house

    I would never leave a place dirty if i was hiring a hall,caravan,moving etc i always clean it before i leave

    I would never leave it dirty because why should others clean up my mess

    When i moved i cleaned everywhere i left nets because they wouldnt fit my new windows and 2 brand new carpets because they wouldnt fit into my new house
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