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Please place your water bill questions and comments here

[Addition by MSE Laura F, 4 Aug 2021]
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  • markedgar
    markedgar Forumite Posts: 61 Forumite
    Can't wait until the market is deregulated.

    We all pay too much now for this basic commodity.

    How much does everyone pay?

    Ours is £23 per month (Anglian Water) and was £29 until I asked them to change it, telling them I was right with my usage calculation the first time round, but they wouldn't have it.

    £23 is still too much, but I do work on numerous money-saving methods quite well.

    As for the young lads across the street that wash their cars EVERY weeeknd without fail, dirty or not - generally not - (rain included), all I can say is: 'Get a woman, chaps and stop playing with your darn silly cars!' [They annoy all the neighbours].

    There should be a car washing tax - hey, there's a popular idea.

    ;)Mark E
    No reliance should be placed on the above.
  • pakman
    pakman Forumite Posts: 25 Forumite
    I can't wait for competition in the water market.

    1st of all think of all the money to be made from the companies wanting to get your custom.

    I've done energy sales, and there was loads of money to be made
    (without the need to sell to the old & vunarable)

    I bet
    'the boss' is dreading it. Just think of all those calculations that need to be done and re-done. Based on yourr location, the company and whether you have gas/elec/phone &/or water from them.

    [move] ::)[/move]
  • System
    System Community Admin Posts: 178,004
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    Community Admin
    I live alone in a four bedroom house, I have a water meter. When I first moved in two years ago I was charged 18 pounds a month. this was then changed to 29 pounds a month and this year has been changed to 48 pounds a month. I have asked for the meter to be checked but so far this has not happenedalthough Anglia Water have said that they will only charge me the 29 pounds a month for the time being. I do not have a swimming pool.
  • pakman
    pakman Forumite Posts: 25 Forumite
    You may have a secret underground swimming pool forming underground between the meter and your home.

    This is your responcibility so be warned, do you have a nice green lawn compared to other people?

    It might be worth taking out an plumbing cover with some company, just for a year before you discover there is a problem (and thus excluded from a new policy)

    Try filling some bottles up, turning your taps off, and seeing if the meter still turns. You must give it a while as a small leek may not show for several hours.

    Look at the OFWAT web site to see wot your rights are re meter testing.


  • System
    System Community Admin Posts: 178,004
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    Community Admin
    Hi all
    Just bought by second buy to let property for students.
    Only just realised it has a water meter.......and I think landlords are responisble for the water. Other unmetered houses in the street have a yearly bill of £226 Dee Valley Water say that I can expect the bill to be around £475 for a family of 4 :o can that be right??

    Poor show Dee Valley ( Chester Cheshire) you wait until I can change.

    Happy saving everyone !!

    PS anyone know where I can get long term unsecured loan longer than 7 years. Need another deposit for a buy to let.
  • pakman
    pakman Forumite Posts: 25 Forumite
    I would fit taps where U have to hold the top down to get water out. (like the ones in public loos)

    Put a brick in the tank of the loo, to restrict the massive over amount water being flushed.

    & fit a shower. and a small bath.

    Make sure theres no outside tap for hoses.

    Not that I don't like students........but the struggle makes them stronger people. :P


    Re the loan, best ask that in the 'loans section'
  • rogersa
    rogersa Forumite Posts: 7 Forumite
    If you have a water meter and on a low income and on benefit. Do the water companies have different tarrifs?


    They call me Mr Pig!
  • pakman
    pakman Forumite Posts: 25 Forumite

    Why should they ?

    The other utilities don't distinguish

    Try speaking to the DSS
  • Margaret_Millne
    Margaret_Millne Forumite Posts: 313 Forumite
    We pay £19 odd a month, which is ridiculously cheap considering the rateable value of our home. Might be because it used to be a vicarage. Do the Church get special treatment.

    Anyway, we think it is cheap, and don't want to rock the boat, so we are keeping quiet on this one.
  • rogersa
    rogersa Forumite Posts: 7 Forumite
    Check teletext Channel 4 page 535! page 5 of 8

    Save on Water Bills with a meter

    People on low incomes and medical conditions (skin diseases)(they need to bathe more)

    They call me Mr Pig!
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