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  • nameless_sir_ned
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    I've just received a letter from Barclaycard telling me that from 1st Aug 2010, the redemption value of my loyalty points has halved.
    Where at the moment I can redeem 1,750 points for a £10 voucher, this changes in August to 3,500 points for a £10 voucher.
  • fugglestick
    fugglestick Forumite Posts: 63 Forumite
    The change in reward value by Barclaycard is a real smack. I spend a lot with them and now 3500 points for £10 is trash.

    Has everyone changed to Amex?

    I know retailers dong like American Express as the commission changed is higher than most cards.

    Anyone any suggestions?


  • BensonBunny
    BensonBunny Forumite Posts: 25 Forumite
    Also have a Goldfish card which we need to change. I already have a John Lewis Partnership card which I use in Waitrose as the point are better for in-house spending but was wondering if I would be as well using that for everything. I always get John Lewis vouchers with my Goldfish points.
  • terryf
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    Re Amex card.
    Advert in the Telegraph says ' Get an amex cashback card, no limit on income'. I took this to mean no upper or LOWER limit but further research says that there is a minimum lower income limit of £30K. You don't find this out until you start to apply for the card. Why can't they say this up front and why a limit this high. There are those whose income is less than that but who spend most of their income using credit cards.
  • ragebe
    ragebe Forumite Posts: 38 Forumite
    Has anybody managed to do this? I've got a few thousand BA miles and a few thousand Airmiles (also a BA scheme) in fact enough on each scheme for a Zone 4 flight. So I'd like to book me 'n the missus a flight to somewhere nice, utilising both schemes.

    Looking at the BA site, it would appear I have to take pot luck on booking both individually. Anyone any thoughts?

    As far as the cards go, I've got Amex Platinum 'cos it gives cashback and I think that's a better bet than anything else. Also have Lloyds Duo but rarely use the Amex half, as with the Platinum card I'd rather have the money. It appear that Lloyds are giving 3.5 miles per £1 spent on the Mastercard half at present.

    The Virgin Card was a complete waste of space as far as I'm concerned. I got one as I did a couple of trips to the USA with them and they gave me a free 'Silver' to start but their mid-tier loyalty card odesn't offer lounge access, so I didn't feel inclined to save and fly with Virgin (plus it's an MBNA card, from whom I've always had poor customer service)

    The Shell Citi card was good but got binned when they parted with Shell last year. The Shell loyalty card, offering 3p per litre, coupled with well-known cheapest fuel price websites and Amex Platinum, gives 4.5p per litre saving, which is a whopping 20p+ per gallon. However the Shell Loyalty card scheme of 3ppl expires in Decemebr this year, so I might have to look at other fuel suppliers i.e. Sainsbury's and Nectar (but not BP + Nectar 'cos BP are usually more expensive than other providers in these parts)

    It's also worth considering Amex Gold if offered. I had a Dollar card for 2 x years free of charge, by saying I would cancel after the first year's freebie (they offered the $ card because I was spending on Amazon and paying in USD) that gave free travel insurance. Amex travel insurance is very good and was costing me over £200 per annum, so free cover is worth the card fee alone; when the card fee is waived it's very good (and paid for a replacement camera, dropped in a Florida airport)
    This advice worth only what you paid for it :beer:
  • lisyloo
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    Get an amex cashback card, no limit on income

    I personally think this mean no limit on your cashback income not your personal earned income, although I would agree it's confusing.

    Why can't they say this up front and why a limit this high.

    It's pretty clear in their eligibility criteria.

    It high because the best deals are reserved for the best (safest) customers. You might not like it but it's perfectly logical. Those people have more chance of paying their debts than lower income customers.
  • ragebe
    ragebe Forumite Posts: 38 Forumite
    edited 16 October 2010 at 12:03PM
    Amex are offering an extra 50% cashback twixt 1st of Dec 2010 and 28 Feb 2011 at certain stores. You have to register a code they send in the post at before the 8th of November but it's obviously convenient just before Christmas (well, it is for me)
    This advice worth only what you paid for it :beer:
  • clackett
    clackett Forumite Posts: 3 Newbie

    I am looking to get my first credit card and am not sure which to get.

    I'm getting it to build up my credit rating for the possibility of getting a mortgage one day. I will not be spending much on it but rather spending a small amount and paying it off in full each month.

    I was hoping to get a card with a good freebie as I'm not too worried about longer term benefits as I wont be using it much.

    I like the idea of airmiles but have read a few post saying they can be tricky to redeem the vouchers.

    I've checked my credit report and it looks fine.

    Any help would be much appreciated!
  • indprince2000
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    Any feedback on 'MBNA Retail Rewards American Express credit card' would be highly appreciated.

    Also, some independent sites reviewing this card, among other benefits, mention the following benefits for this card:

    - Various Internet relates services
    - Exclusive Cardmember and VIP travel services
    - Access to MBNA TravelPlus (HotelsPlus, FlightsPlus and HolidayPlus)
    - Purchase Protection
    - Travel Accident Insurance
    - Lost Luggage Insurance
    - Travel Inconvenience Insurance
    - Zero liability for unauthorized card use
    - Free 24 hour worldwide Customer Helpline

    But strangely enough, on calling the customer services of MBNA, the staff of MBNA claim no such benefits (e.g. MBNA TravelPLus, travel inconvenience insurance etc) exist for this card.

    Any member has applied for this card or has this card?

    I could not even find any review or feedback of this card even on site.
  • Dogswotsits
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    chinared wrote: »
    Does anyone know the answer to this please?

    About 3 yrs ago, I applied and got the Lloyds TSB Airmiles Duo credit card. After getting and using my 1500 Airmiles, I cancelled the card. Around 2yrs have passed since I closed the account. The same offer is available again now but if I apply for a new card now, will I get 1500 Airmiles again?

    I would be interested also to know if anyone has successfully tried this.
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