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Granite Worktops - Truth, Lies and misinformation

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  • BraveHeartBraveHeart Forumite
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    Hi Carol,

    As far as I am aware, Alan no longer posts which is a shame and a big loss to this discussion.

    I too am based in the south (London) and have been shopping around for a Granite Worktop.
    I contacted a Company called Mayfair Granite (same as you?), who have been very helpful and sent out samples for next day delivery.
    BUT very pushy to get a sale. I don't approve of this type of salesmanship, so no sale.
    They have been praised on this forum...if you search.

    So I've had time to shop around and that is what you need to do. A lot of money being spent!
    You must see the material in person as the stone does vary in appearance from one to another.
    Try and go to a wholesaler like Gerald Culliford who are based in Kingston. Although they do not sell to the public, they can reserve a stone/slab for you that you have personally chosen. You then need to find a stonemason/company that will buy it on your behalf and carry out the work or they can recommend.

    Luckily I went to Gerald Culliford, otherwise I would have wasted money on a stone that I thought I liked. In the end I chose something totally different which to me and my family is perfect.

    Try and find an independent stonemason, works out a few hundred pounds cheaper.
    I'll be giving the go ahead this week, templating and fitting next month.

    How much deposit have you paid? Don't end up paying for something you are not 100% happy with.

  • jpsidjpsid Forumite
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    Looking for this white Quartzite for a friend, sometimes spelt with a K. Was seen in the USA so may not be readily available in the UK. They live in Berkshire so if anyone knows any suppliers in the area or the UK they would be very grateful.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Hello Alan,

    Can I have your company details. I would like to buy granite worktop directly from you. I am intersted in kashmir gold or madurai gold.
  • Last year, I replaced all kitchen countertops. They look lovely and I'm happy but I was wondering if they can crack due to temperature changes?
  • boatchefboatchef Forumite
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    Hello very informative post thank you.
    I have a vague question. Im based in thailand about to buy a black granite that has big flecks of green through it. Is this most likely a composite as the neighsayers at work believe or possibly natural material. we saw the uncut pieces at the yard and the guy said it was Norwegian. any ways to tell for sure?
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