I have started receiving emails from BLAHDVD.COM based in Jersey, and as I have never heard of them let alone requested contact from them, I am suspicious that the client database of SPLASHDVD.COM also based in Jersey that went tits up in April with 50,000 orders outstanding is being used, probably by the same scalliwags who did a runner with the SPLASH cash. Anyone tried them? :P


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    I see what you mean - The layout of the website looks very familiar. I think it is not worth risking them - SPLASHDVD.COM owed me £75 worth of goods when they 'stopped trading'. And that was after waiting nearly 3 months for the orders to be fulfilled, or my money back.- I am verrrrrry wary. >:(
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    sure looks like the spectre of SPLASHDVD.COM or TOPPERS LTD is upon us again. Beats me why Jersey trading standards people seem to be so powerless to stop these people ripping us off, going into receivership and then just starting over again and again. Anyone considering using BLAHDVD.COM would be wise to take a look at before parting with any money - these are the SAME people.
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    I've had a communication from Blah DVD which bares relevance on this.   Rather than deleting the thread I thought it best and fair  to allow them to clarify

    " is not a reincarnation of None of the Directors of Blah Ltd have ever been involved with (or Toppers ltd who owned Splash). Jersey is a very small Island, (total population 83,000)
    so when Splash closed we employed some of their staff. This was a long time after our site was designed and had no effect on how our site looks. These staff are not involved in the management of the business or the design of the site. Most sites follow basic design rules and as I was involved in the design of our site I can state categorically that was not one of our influences.

    We are a new business and whilst we regret that anyone lost their money to we cannot be held responsible just because we happened to
    start trading at the time they collapsed. Us being based in Jersey and opinions that we look like Splash (which I would strongly disagree with) has no significance.

    I would also like to point out that unlike Splash we do not take money for orders until the order is ready to ship.

    We have discussed these accusations with Jersey Trading Standards who have posted a statement on the internet confirming their satisfaction that this all correct.

    I hope that this helps to clarify matters


    Gerard Farnham"
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    Then we must wish Mr Farnham and his team every success.

    I haven't checked out this site, but will do so now. If they compete with their rivals in the pricing of their goods, match or beat delivery times and offer better customer service than their competitors, then I could be a regular customer.

    If not, well, it's a hard commercial world out there.
    Much of the social history of the Western world over the past three decades has involved replacing what worked with what sounded good. - Thomas Sowell, "Is Reality Optional?", 1993
  • I too was a former Splash customer and although they were slow at fulfilling orders or responding to queries, they did have some very good offers. My feeling is that they didn't intend to rip people off, but were somewhat naive in their business dealings. When I received a mailing from Blahdvd I thought that there must be some connection between the two companies. I decided to give them a try and placed an order for one CD which was marked as "in stock". I'm pleased to report that it arrived quickly and without any problems. It also seems that they don't charge your credit card until the order has been sent. It does seem though that most of the CDs on the site don't appear to be in stock, so I guess they'll order the items when requested, which may lead to a short delay. Anyway I'm prepared to order again and see how things work out.
    It may help others to know that I also had an outstanding order of £18 when Splash went down. I contacted my credit card company and they refunded the money without any hassle.
  • I would have to disagree and say that the website is VERY similar to that of, the stock situation seems to be the same story, only about 10% of the items are available immediately, and one particular item which I had purchased from and took 4 months for them to deliver and then it turned out to be the wrong item, is offered for sale by even though this was a limited edition item and was sold out and not repressed, so it would be impossible for them to get hold of, as was the case for Splashdvd. I have tried to find any statement on the internet from Jersey Trading Standards regarding complete satisfaction of the reputation of this company. Perhaps you could enlighten me as to where I might find it?
  • The statement from Jersey trading standards is as follows and was in response to allegations made by a former Splash Customer - it was originally posted on forum:

    Thank you for your e mail of 1st April.

    I am very concerned by the sort of unfounded allegations about
    which you indicate are being circulated all over the internet consumer
    community and you have reinforced this with your own allegations of
    "financial criminality and fraud". You further state "and I would like to
    know what you people are going to do about it". I assume that by the term
    "you people" you are referring to me and my 3 staff. I would be grateful if
    you could note the following:

    * Beachside Business Centre is the registered address for a large
    number of Jersey registered companies
    * SplashDVD/Toppers CI Ltd did not trade from premises at Beachside
    Business Centre and neither do
    * The liquidation of Toppers CI Limited is on-going and a liquidators
    report will eventually be submitted to Jersey's Attorney General who will
    decide if evidence of fraud exists
    * I am satisfied from my enquiries that there is absolutely no
    connection between SplashDVD/Toppers CI Limited and Blah Limited, trading as

    I hope this information is clear and unambiguous but do let me know if there
    is anything else you think me or my staff may help you with.

    Yours sincerely

    Trevor Le Roux

    Chief Trading Standards Officer

    Jersey Trading Standards Service, 9-13 Central Market, St Helier, Jersey,
    JE2 4WL.
    Tel: 01534 727286 Fax: 01534 766475 e-mail: [email protected]

    Regarding your other point about an unavailable item - The databases used by online retailers are often very similar as they are fed by our suppliers. If an item is incorrectly showing as available please let me know and I will investigate and take necessary action.


    Gerard Farnham
  • Hi

    Regarding unfulfilled orders with, I think it's worth reminding people that you might be covered by your credit card company if you were charged for goods which you never received.

    I used a First Direct credit card to order £14.99's worth of goods from Splash just before they went bust.

    First Direct don't advertise purchase protection cover on their Visa card, but they kindly reimbursed me with the £14.99 when I sent them a polite speculative email.

    It's worth a try !

    if i had known then what i know now
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    I have recently used Blahdad and had no problems with them.
    Goods were in stock and payment wasn't taken till the goods were dispatched.
  • Did Blah purchase the customer database of Splash?
    If not how did they get email address of OP?
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