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FREE Sun /Guardian/Times/FT/Telegraph voucher

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  • flossie_2flossie_2 Forumite
    142 posts
    thanks heldaz - had tried that, but when I press the print voucher button, it goes on another screen as if it's doing something useful, but nowt happens.  Shouldn't be an Adobe problem, and I know my comp's a bit slow (like meself) but ..  AND I actually like the Guardian (well, the cryptic crossword's good)  ;)

    Can't believe it - just tried again an whadayeknow! Hooray. Maybe I didn't leave it for the required 45 minutes before!
  • heldazheldaz Forumite
    192 posts
    alls well that ends well then :D lol
    I never knew saving money was so much fun :o)
  • purplemoonpurplemoon Forumite
    674 posts
    Thanks Flossie- apparently nowadays a student i.d. must be presented when you buy so no use unless you are actually a student. Shame... I printed one before I noticed too.
  • flossie_2flossie_2 Forumite
    142 posts
    Purplemoon where does it say that? :'( I haven't tried to use mine yet and I don't have a card - (using daughter's student no as she gets Guardian for 20p anyway at Uni). I soooooooo hope this isn't true cos I was looking forward to it!!! From previous posts, I get the impression newsagents are keen to have vouchers cos there's something in it for them, so maybe they won't be too bothered about a card. I'm gonna try it anyway. As with supermarket vouchers, choose the dopey looking assistant (or most helpful looking, depending on which way you view it) and see what happens! ;)
  • Great Tip, thanks. I get loads of coupons in the mags I buy and normally just chucked them. I sent them off last week and my vouchers have come back in 7 days! Now I can justify buying all the gossip mags as they are saving me money, lol!

    Yes - I did that too , with the OK / New / Star mag / Daily Express /Daily Star vouchers and last year's Financial Times and Mirror vouchers which I hadn't used
    I received over 2 months worth of free Sun vouchers on the same day as you in separate envelopes
    I keep sending in more vouchers every few days (2 weeks worth in each envelope)
    I should end up with a year's supply of free Sun vouchers and they have no expiry date

    I don't recommend that people use the Sun as their main newspaper - I get it just for the freebies (eg free DVD's -two weeks ago)
    I would never spend my own money on this paper (unless there was a particularly good freebie)

    I am sure they will accept the Guardian vouchers in exchange for Sun vouchers and anyone who wants to buy the Guardian can just print two sets of vouchers
    Its a freepost address so nothing to lose in trying (and use economy print)
    something missing
  • Thanks Flossie- apparently nowadays a student i.d. must be presented when you buy so no use unless you are actually a student. Shame... I printed one before I noticed too.

    I used mine at Tesco and WH Smith with no problems

    I even dragged a student along as a precaution , but they didn't check , also I just entered 1 digit in the student ID field and it printed ok

    I trust that this is of some assistance
    something missing
  • purplemoonpurplemoon Forumite
    674 posts
    Thanks Major- I'll give it a go. And maybe get a few Sun vouchers too, just to rob them of their freebies...! (I don't recommend daily Sun reading either- I have a friend who has a 'don't do it- it rots your brains' type flyer from the 80s in the style of the anti-drugs ads!).

    Flossie- it says boldly on the printout 'Simply present your student id when you hand these vouchers to your newsagent'. However, I guess your newsagent would be daft to refuse. I will be trying this today.

    Cheers all
  • flossie_2flossie_2 Forumite
    142 posts
    Thanks Purplemoon. !!!Bummer!!! Didn't notice that even after I looked for it. Anyone know of any offers for binoculars? :) Forgot to take voucher to shop today. :) Anyone know if Omega 3 really works?? Don't think I'm really up to this money saving milarkey :-[ I will try tomorrow, I will try tomorrow, I will try tomorrow ...
  • purplemoonpurplemoon Forumite
    674 posts
    Hi Flossie
    Go get one tomorrow. It worked fine for me today- although the voucher was given a second glance.
    good luck and happy reading.
  • flossie_2flossie_2 Forumite
    142 posts
    Purplemoon - Hooray!! It worked. I'm off to do the cryptic.
    Major Ingram - Thank you. ;D
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