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    Thank you for your encouragement Mark

    We are getting there, re. biking. We are in contact with a local cyclists group that offers bike buddies and I have been out with my son a couple of times.

    In a way, because public transport is so good where I live I haven't felt the need to get on a bike yet - but can see that I shall in the near future. My husband is not biking to work yet because he does not have his own bike, he uses our daughter's one for our quick trips around the block.

    Watch this space!


    Finally I'm an OAP and can travel free (in London at least!).
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    My local Asda has disabled parking spaces, that when you park in them a voice says 'you are parking in a disabled zone, are you sure you need this space'

    It is so loud everyone looks, and is a great deterrent!!
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    Shame they don't place as much importance on young children having to cross their busy carparks full of annoyed shoppers trying to find somewhere they can park.

    May be they should have a embarising childish voice that only young children will like on the parent & child parking bays. That way when Mum/Dad pulls up with their 14 year old child, their child may point out the embarrasement of parking in the special bay.

    And why can't they have a child trolly park at the children parking bays, thus removing the dilema of leaving the kids in the car to get/return the trolly or trying to drag the youngsters to the trolly spot.

  • In the car park closest to my town, the total spaces available are about 60, 10 disabled and none for wide cars. So, on a busy market day, cars will be waiting for a space, while there will be the 10 disabled spaces vacant because the double yellow lines are closer to the shops and more convenient. The fine for parking in a disabled area is about £40. The fine for not paying for a ticket is £10.
  • While not disputing yout post I had thought this one a bit of an urban myth.

    As a disabled driver my experience has been the opposite.

    I live near Canterbury and use three supermarkets. The Asda disabled area being the most difficult to find an empty space. When the car park is crowded so are the disabled bays. Tesco's and Sainsbury's are usually a bit easier to find an empty disabled bay but again when the car park as a whole is full so are the disabled bays.

    In the centre of Canterbury on market day half the disabled bays are used by market traders! The council must think the disabled never want to shop at a market!
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    Nickster- I have some advice that might help your problem.

    Buy yourself a big, flash BMW - then you will be able to park where the hell you want ;)
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    I do agree with the tip about having a big BMW, which was tremendously helpful to me before Mrs Linnell presented me with a pair of parking spot reservation monkeys.

    However beware! Due to a poor piece of Teutonic design on the 3 and 5 series, the switch for the invisibility/cloaking subsystem is **right next** to the hazard warning flashers. It's terribly easy to hit the wrong switch, particularly when concentrating on making an important call on your mobile, with the result that the quick dash to the newsagent for a Mars bar and twenty Rothmans can become, on return, something of an exercise in advanced sign and gesture language interpretation, accompanied by the delicate cadenzas of horn honking.

    Really, it's enough to make one's baseball cap wilt, and designer stubble turn white overnight.

    Let's hope that now BMW have been taken over by a British concern, such elementary design errors are a thing of the past.
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    I have come up with a solution that will benifit both parties.

    There is no denying that wider bays are needed for the disabled, but why do they need to be right by the door? If the person is able to walk/wheel around a supermarket and do their weekly/monthly shop surley they can traverse accross a car park? If they were there then there wouldn't be any need for the BMWs to park in them.

    In conclusion this would mean that there are the necessary disabled barking bays, other people would not get annoyed about them (you know thinking there is a free space, and then finding its for the disabled) and the BMWs wont want to park in them since they are away from the door.

    This would not work in every case, I think you would need disabled parking bays right on the door stop of sertain places, such as social sevices etc. but for retail places it would be fantastic.
  • Adam wrote
    If the person is able to walk/wheel around a supermarket and do their weekly/monthly shop surley they can traverse accross a car park?

    With all due respect Adam I think you are being a little thoughtless. Many disabled people can only walk relatively short distances without pain or severe discomfort. The discomfort they can suffer also tends to be cumulative throughout the day. Having disabled bays close to an entrance is much needed and appreciated but not it seems by people who just cannot stand anybody getting something they cannot. If you want a disabled bay please have mine as long as you have my disablement as well.

    I have to say as a disabled person myself with walking difficulties I often wonder whether some people will only be happy when I am permanantly in a wheelchair.
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    [glow=red,2,000]Well said Nickster.[/glow]

    My Fathers Disabled and stuburn at that,he won't apply for any form of benifit let alone use a walking cane we brought him,he don't expect any hand outs from the state dispite having cancer , he just gets on with his life on a day to day basis,and god for bid when he got a Parking ticket in the carpark because he was caught short, you should have heard the commotion he caused when we said we were going to appeal.

    If any one reads this and is just abusing the system, I hope your consiousence keeps you awake.


    PS. For those of you who consider themselves medically qualified to tell from a distance that a person is'nt disabled should go up to the person and firstly offer to pay their bills and then you might have a right to pre judge them as then you may have a say in their lives that is if they don't hit you with their stick,and if they do don't claim your disabled.  

    Confusious say.
    [move]Them who pay my rent can tell me what to do.

    Actually its a quote from a dear sweet old lady I know. ;)
    Rememember. Everyone seems normal until you get to know them.
    Never pass up an opportunity to go to the bathroom.
    If you woke up breathing, congratulations! You get another chance. And finally, be really nice to your family and friends; you never know
    when, You might need them to empty your bedpan.
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