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Survey Stashing: GlobalTestMarket hints & tips

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  • Marvqn1Marvqn1 Forumite
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    MLE007 wrote: »
    Wow that is quite a drop, I think if the pay gets that bad I will just dump them, not worth the time.

    I read more about it.

    With the new points system, 100 MarketPoints is worth 500 LifePoints.

    In this discussion, someone said that some of the surveys not had been updated to reflect to new points system. However, the last post in the discussion says that pay is lower than before.
  • tykesitykesi
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    MLE007 wrote: »
    Wow that is quite a drop, I think if the pay gets that bad I will just dump them, not worth the time.

    Agreed, they've become worse over the past year anyway for number of surveys for me, I've considered dropping them a few times. If this change happens for us I'll dump them, got plenty of others on the go.
  • MLE007MLE007 Forumite
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    I've already got rid of their sister company Mysurvey for rubbish customer service, GTM are heading the same way, like you say there are plenty of other companies that value our time more :)
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  • This is a very dodgy site.
    I've been with them since February.
    I've done a lot of surveys and had a couple of problems in the past.

    Two recent surveys I did do:-
    1) Gaming survey: GTM said it was a 15 minute survey for 15 points. Took over 30 minutes and I got half the amount. Total joke.
    2) Fast Food: Did a survey yesterday with McDonalds. Took half an hour or so. Felt quite proud to pass on my valued information about fast food experiences in McDonalds and other fast food restaurants. 250 Point reward. Got right to the end and the interview said I had been 'screened out'.

    What used to be a quite pass-time is now a insulting joke.
    I would avoid this site.
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    kunuha21kunuha21 Forumite
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    janey_uk wrote: »
    I have been a member for about three weeks and get near daily surveys, all of which take 2-3 minutes before telling me I don't meet the profile. It is quite frustrating and I'm wondering if I'm wasting my time. Does anyone else have this problem?

    This goes the same on my end. It keeps on saying you are not qualified or what ever. I'm almost year in gtm and still haven't claim anything yet. I wish this it is not scam. Frustrating but I'll be patient for it.:(
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