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No takeaway challenge

edited 6 May 2009 at 7:56AM in Debt-Free Wannabe
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  • Karen_30Karen_30 Forumite
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    Morning guys,

    Doing well so far!! Although I was soooooooo tempted for fish and chips last night, luckily OH reminded me how good I have been on late and that we'd save a fiver for not doing it. I made him transfer the fiver into our savings account...HA HA! Don't think he was so smug then!!!

    Sat I am off for a run and her hubby is treating us to a takeaway as a reward.....does that count as I won't be spending any money on it??? I feel bad.
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    TinkdhTinkdh Forumite
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    Managed to avoid the pull of the local indian last night. Thanks La Farfallina for the reminder of the Jamie Oliver curries. Going to cook one tomorrow night as they are gorgeous!

    M.I.L has invited us round to her house on Sunday night for a takeaway.:eek: Going to ask her if we can all bring something like a frozen pizza instead!!! Not sure if F.I.L will be up for that!
  • Guys this is a great idea - you'll really notice the difference.

    Me and the OH used to get 2+ takeaways a week in our previous life. Instead now we eat out about once every other month, which is so much nicer and a real treat - you really come to appreciate it! I don't feel guilty any more either as I know we've earned it.

    I get my curry fix the rest of the time by either making it myself or getting the Asda curries as others have mentioned. If you haven't tried them they really are good. If you prefer a Chinese the Asda crispy duck is fantastic... I'm tempted to say its better than my local restaurant!

    Good luck all!
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  • tjretrotjretro Forumite
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    Good job Karen_30 and tinkdh :j

    Good thing I'm doing this as yet another health professional has told me I need to lose weight :rolleyes: Stupid one leg shorter than the other. :rolleyes:
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  • puss14puss14 Forumite
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    Could I join please. We have about 2 takeaways per month which is a lot less then it used to be but I'd like to give them up for a while as I need to lose weight and financially it is so much better to cook for yourself.
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  • tjretrotjretro Forumite
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    Sure I'll add you to the list :T
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  • Sharon87Sharon87 Forumite
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    Add me too! I'm not really a take away person at home, but where I work there is a McDonalds, Pizza hut, Burger King, KFC, Nandos, Chiquitas and a Chinese Take-away.

    I usually eat at McDs once, sometimes twice (or more) a week as we get a discount. But money's going to be tight this month, so no more! I'll join this challenge! Might even lose some weight!
  • PrimulaPrimula Forumite
    953 posts
    Well done so far all you fellow takeawayaddicts! Weekend coming up and that's the hard time for me, so going to try and get meals organised and not give in to temptation.
    Keep up the good work everyone. :T
  • tjretrotjretro Forumite
    135 posts
    Day 5 down :T Made some yummy pasta this evening with goats cheese on top. Dug out my old ww journal and have been tracking my points today :j What did you folks have for dinner? Anything interesting?
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  • ooh this sounds like such a good idea! can I join for may? I'm not sure when our last takeaway was - possibly 9 days, but friday is always tempting!
    I will have to try the chicago town pizza! fish and chips is also one I have too much, but have recently found that asda do good value frozen fish, and even smartprice mushy peas for 15p!
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