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No takeaway challenge

edited 6 May 2009 at 7:56AM in Debt-Free Wannabe
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  • tjretrotjretro Forumite
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    Made it another day but was really tempted :rotfl:
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  • And just think if it wasn't for this challenge then chances are you's would have had one! Well done £20 in your @rse pocket rather than theirs :)
    :DGetting back on it Oct 2012 :D
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  • on the subject of the supermarket takeaways.....i like the indian ones from pretty much any supermarket as does my husband,however i find the chinese ones absolutely horrid!!! id find it difficult to give up the chinese takeaway for this reason!
  • *Vikki**Vikki* Forumite
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    Good luck all! I never have takeaways, you know why? As you never know what they might flick, pick and put in there! And also so high in fat! Just remember that!
  • timeportaltimeportal Forumite
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    My wife and I also wish to join this, we keep trying to cut them out (easily do £20 - £30 a week!!!) but our combined will power is about zero on this one!
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    Jan; Jelly Belly Bean dispenser and beans
  • kezloukezlou Forumite
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    Hi all can i join?
    Forgive me for have sinned, we badly need to stop eating takeaways as i am not only only surrounded by them, but i have found the best pizza shop in m'boro. Lets just say the account look bleak, and my children keep saying pizza please. My waistline is getting bigger (not good) so need to lose weight as well.

    So pretty please could you put me down for 28 days as well.

    Although i know for a fact we'll be eating out maybe twice this month as its my mothers and son's birthdays.

    anywho good luck all!
  • I haven't had a takeaway for months and don't miss them cos I make 'em meself. The Pataks website has quite a few recipe videos (bombay pots, chick pea curry, tarka dhal, onion bhajis) and I use the recipes from Jamies Ministry of Food cookbook (tikka masala, rogan josh, korma - all easy and delish!
    Hope this helps someone.

    Farf x
  • jayssjayss Forumite
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    Theres a really good thread on chinese on the old style board.

    Since moving I've no idea where the good takeaways are and so have been very good :rotfl: but I do eat out too much and so am loving the info on alternatives :beer:
  • tjretrotjretro Forumite
    135 posts
    Pow! Another day down :j
    Debt Free Wannabe :hello: LBM: 23/01/08
    Debt relief order: January 2013 (Discharged Jan 2014)
    Jacamo: £115.81. Rebuilding credit rating :D
  • jessibell wrote: »
    I love the Indian butter chicken and the korma from asda, both DEFINATELY as good as local take away if not better! :T

    I second this - ASDA butter chicken is my favourite, its very tasty! My whole family are converts to these takeaways, plus ASDA occasionally do offers where you can buy the takeaway kits for 2 plus a pack of Asian beer (I dont drink beer but bf says its very nice), all for £9 :beer:

    Good luck folks!
    DF Reward Pot £16/£110 :D
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