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Chinese food



  • Raspberry_Swirl
    Thanks for all your efforts with this thread :D
  • kwaichi
    kwaichi Posts: 161 Forumite
    FamilyTree wrote: »
    Hi Kwaichi,

    This is fabulous, Chinese food is my favourite. I have recently discovered Zang Bo Chicken and I love it, but I've only ever seen it in one Resturant, would you have the recipie for this please if your not too snowed under with requests


    Unfortunately I've never heard of Zang Bo chicken. Could you let me know what the dish was like? Maybe I know it as something else. :)
    Kwai Chi
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  • pink_princess
    pink_princess Posts: 13,581 Forumite
    Id also like the recipie for the deep fried chicken ,they have like garlic and salt on them.I think they are meant as snaxs or starters but i can t remember the name.
    Thanks for the lovely recipies ,we tried the chilli salt prawns last night and they were gorgeous.
    Life is short, smile while you still have teeth :D
  • Skint_Catt
    Skint_Catt Posts: 11,548 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Would love the chicken and sweetcorn soup receipe too please! :grin:
  • kwaichi
    kwaichi Posts: 161 Forumite
    Pretani wrote: »
    kwaichi, could you give us more info on your curry sauce, a rough guess as to the quantities of:

    Garam masala powder
    Termeric powder
    Sweet and sour sauce

    and I suppose these ingredients will only work well with the sweet and sour sauce recipe you gave on page one, not a shop bought one?

    I'll give it a go (approx)

    3 tablespoons of Garam masala powder
    1 tablespoon of Termeric powder
    1 tablespoon of Sugar
    4 tablespoons of Water
    2 tablespoons of Oil
    8 tablespoons of Sweet and sour sauce

    I answered the sweet and sour question earlier in the thread I think.
    Kwai Chi
    Professional Video blogger
  • kwaichi
    kwaichi Posts: 161 Forumite
    Gunna wrote: »
    MMMmm i am drooling yummy lol

    We would also love to know how to make chow mein(chicken) and which oyster sauce etc is the best make to get as there are so many and it is literally a minefield lol.
    Our local chinese does a nice curry sauce but i would never say it tasted sweet or sour hmmm intersting perhaps that is what is sneakily in there so it tastes so good lol.
    Our local chinese all you can eat buffet does several delicious meals:
    Egg foo young- i would love to know how to make this , i know it is an omelette but it is more delish than a normal omelette, especially with clean shrimps mmm
    Morrocan lamb-god this is heaven, crispy srunchy well done lamb thats is just so tasty, doesn't seem chinese though lol
    Curry sauce-wow their curry is hot and spicy and rich flavoured it is a winner and sort of a dark orangy colour, could this be the sweet and sour hmm...

    The simplest thing they do i am yet to make at home, but my OH goes wild over is this:

    chicken or beef
    all fried on a hot plate or wok till cooked then soy sauce added, my OH says it tastes so fresh and delicious he loves it lol and it is dead simple and cheap.

    My local chinese does prawn wontons i absoloutly adore them i always wonder though how they make the minced prawn filling, itis sweet,succulent and very prawny mmmm i might have to order some now lol :)

    OK let's see...

    Chicken chow mein... done
    Curry sauce - the sweet and sour sauce isn't always in every bodies recipes. If I had a sample I'd prob be able to tell you all the ingredients they use. To make the curry spicy just add some extra hot chilli powder (which will also turn it orange).
    Egg Foo Yung... done
    Morrocan lamb - I've heard of Mongolian lamb (which I do know how to make) but you're correct in saying that this doesn't sound Chinese lol.

    I make similar stir fries all the time. Simple is often the best choice :)
    Kwai Chi
    Professional Video blogger
  • Swan_2
    Swan_2 Posts: 7,060 Forumite
    what a great thread :T

    I'd love your Mongolian Lamb recipe ... please :)

    I've tried figuring out how to do it myself (I even got those little noodles to deep fry & lay the lamb & sauce on) but it's never turned out quite right
  • kwaichi
    kwaichi Posts: 161 Forumite
    have u got chicken and sweetcorn soup ? my kids favourite

    Chicken & Sweetcorn takeaway style is very easy to make. you can replace the ingredients with fresh alternatives


    Pop the following in a saucepan and bring to the boil

    50g of cooked Chicken Breast, thinly sliced
    2 tablespoons of soy sauce (Kikoman C00039)
    2 tablespoons of Cornflour
    100ml. Cold Water
    1 tablespoon of Sesame Oil
    2 Tablespoons of Peanut Oil
    1 Teaspoon of Salt
    1 Teaspoon of Black pepper
    1 tub of Knorr Chicken Stock Pot
    285g of tinned sweetcorn (naturally sweet)

    Simmer for 1 minute then take it off the heat and add 1 egg white.

    Stir quickly as the egg white solidifies in the soup. That's it! You can garnish with some chopped spring onion if you like too.
    Kwai Chi
    Professional Video blogger
  • Queen_of_NO_MATTER_WHAT
    Thank you so mcuh for these recipes, my boyf loves chinese food.

    Can you share how to make the following: char sui pork and wonton noodle soup two of his absolute faves

    Thanks again, I'm trying the blackbean sauce at the weekend, I'll let you know how I get one :)
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  • tessie_bear
    tessie_bear Posts: 4,898 Forumite
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    thankyou for the soup recipe....ill be trying it asap...thanx again for your time
    onwards and upwards
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