MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Should Peggy pay back some of Archie's fortune?



  • hermoine_2
    hermoine_2 Posts: 240 Forumite
    No absolutely not.

    If either won the lottery post divorce they would not have to split the cash.

    They have gone their separate ways and that is the end of it.

    If he needed a couple of hundred to tide him over then maybe that would be different but I get the feeling that this is not the case here.

  • As U.K. law is biased against the man in divorce settlements I would suggest that she should help him out; whether she would or not is quite a different matter. There is nothing quite as effective as disputes about money at splitting families.
  • mrscb
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    No.............end of!!!!!
    :beer: Am thinking of a new one:beer:
  • Clark58
    Clark58 Posts: 6 Forumite
    Hi Friends,

    Well now, it looks like the usual divorce story to me... She gets the Gold Mine and he gets the Shaft!!

    However, any discussions about the contribution she made to the previous success of the business are now irrelevant, since presumably the court has made its decision, the solicitors have climbed back into their Mercedes Benz' and the matter is closed.

    Ultimately it's up to Peggy. If she has still feelings for him and can let bygones be bygones then fair enough. If she says "No, oh and by the way, the weather is lovely here in Monte Carlo" then I am afraid Archie will have to put it down to experience and press on!

    Good Luck to them both... Clark58.
  • dazmisc
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    she probably shouldn't have got half in the first place!!!

    So yes she should give some back...
  • BobbinAlong
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    The most telling statistic here would be how many people saying "yes, help him" have been through divorce themselves????
    As a divorcee I certainly wouldn't help my ex and he wouldn't help me. The CSA for the under 18 is paid begrudgingly - 15% of my income is a mere 3% of his and I'm also supporting the over 18 student but that's the children's choice of residence. I got a good divorce settlement because I had no pension for many housewife years as he said "mine will do for us both" and boosted that.

    I'd never give any back but I would make sure that the children didn't suffer if he was skint by helping them directly or paying set fees and expenses for them without giving the money to him.

    If no children were involved, it was a clean break divorce so absolutely no payment. I'd even be surprised that there was enough contact for her to know he was financially embarrassed!
  • This is a case of locking the stable door after the horse has bolted. It all depends upon whether Peggy was morally entitled to half his money in the first place, but either way Archie has learned a very hard fact of life.
  • steam_dan wrote: »
    Why on earth should she give him any money back? This is not a moral money dilemma. They divorced when the business was going well so she got what she deserved. If he has managed to run the business into the ground since the divorce then that is his problem not hers. Turn it the other way round, they divorced when he had nothing so she got nothing. Years later he has built up a successful business. Is he going to give her any more money. Of course not! Is she entitled to any more money. No!

    I couldn't have put it better!

    However, if it was an amicable split/they're still good friends then it's at her discretion - there's no further obligation on either of them to finance the other once divorce is final.
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