MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Should Peggy pay back some of Archie's fortune?

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Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
Should rich divorcee Peggy give money back to struggling Ex?

Two years ago, housewife Peggy split up with her husband, Archie. At the time, he was running a thriving property business, and she got half his fortune, all in cash, as part of a huge divorce payout. He was left primarily with shares. Now Archie's business is in ruins, and he's facing bankruptcy. Should Peggy give some of the cash back?
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  • No!

    If his business had started to rake in millions, would he have given her any more money? No! So why should it be any different, unless of course she WANTED to, but by the fact that they were divorced, I don't think she would want to.
  • *Louise*
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    Depends if the split was amicable or not I guess

    If he had done something really awful to cause the divorce, and she hated him, then she shouldn't give him any money.

    If however it was amicable, and particularly if they had children together (taking their futures into consideration) then perhaps it would be nice to help out.

    (But on the condition it was seen as a loan and paid back when business picked up again)
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  • Or she should never have taken it in the first place unless she would have earnt that much by not having his children or something. If that's the case then no, she 'earnt' it.
    Otherwise, ...and I cautiously say regardless of the circumstances of the divorce*...yes she should. He made that fortune, just being with someone for a while shouldn't entitle you to half of it.

    *There are none mentioned, and the question is SHOULD she, not would she.
  • hartsdown
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    Someone wrongly valued the business. If the wife was given a painting valued at £11m and two years later this turned out to be a fake, i.e. not worth what it had been valued at, what would be the situation then?
  • tallgirld
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    NOPE!!! She should tell him to sell his shares. Or alternatively she should offer him a loan with a 50% APR!!
  • Yes, she should pay him back.
  • divadee
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    nope i agree with tesco shopper, he wouldnt of given her more if his business was a huge success so its the luck of life how things go, and she came out a winner
  • pineapple
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    Call me an old softie but if the split was amicable (or if I felt guilty because I had run off with the plumber!) I would help him out.
  • jillybee
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    Why did she get half? Did she help run the business? If not then she should have got what she would be earning if she was working (and not looking after kids) maybe £25,000 for each year.
  • Yes. though I would say just enough for him to live comfortably for a set period of time (Say 1 year) Nothing OTT. No Holidays, Make him sell the flash cars etc... Enough time for him to get back on his feet or get a job. It was this business after all which enabled her to get this big payoff in the first place. Also maybe she should take some of these shares as a trade off too. Look at them as a long term investment.

    Bit silly really of him to pay her off in Cash. Also bepends on if he was a naughty boy to cause the split in the first place..
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