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Hello Everyon,

Can anyone tell me what Lossiemouth is like? We are posted there end of June. What are the quarters like and the surrounding area? We don't have children, have two spoilt doggies. I don't drive, what is the local public transport like?

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    The surrounding area is great for dog-owners. My in-laws live overlooking the Moray Firth and the beach there is dog-friendly.

    Quarters are either in Lossiemouth or Elgin, which is 5 miles away. A lot of new ones were built about 8 years ago, so if you get a newer one, expect to be paying either Grade 1 or 2 in rent.

    As regards shopping, Elgin is dying a slow, painful death which the locals blame on Tesco & Asda, who both have large superstores in the town.

    Inverness is the nearest large town (about 40 miles away), with Aberdeen about 70 miles away. Both are very nice.

    Enjoy your time up there. I enjoy going up for an annual holiday, but couldnt live there as its too remote for me!
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    Sounds like a very boring place!
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    Lossiemouth is brilliant - I was there for 5 years and loved it, the beaches are really nice - looking at where you are from I suspect you are at the same camp as me!! - the nightlife is not Peterborough or Stamford - but we had a good time.

    There are quarters outside the main gate but most people seem to live in Elgin, when I was there the quarters were awful, but they have now built new ones.

    If you enjoy the outdoor life - you are only hour away from the ski-resorts of the Lecht and Aviemore.

    Shopping is better if you have goto Inverness - 40 miles or Aberdeen - 60 miles - nice trip out though.

    I have huskies and they loved it (not the ones I have now though - RIP), they would quite often try to swim out to catch the seals playing - and I would have to wade in and get them out:D .

    Any posting is what you make of it, if you are going to live in Elgin its not as isolated as Wittering.
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    Thankyou for the information so far. Huskypup, how long have you been at Wittering? We have been here nearly 5 loong years. And we cannot wait to leave. Wittering is really isolated and very boring, nothing to do here at all. We were at Brize Norton before here and I found that much better.

    I am really looking forward to going up to Lossiemouth. Walking my dogs somewhere new and along the beach, they are going to love it.

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    I now live in Wittering village - as we have our own house - HB is at Cottesmore. I have been here 12 years now - but regularly returned to Lossie to see friends.

    Wittering is very isolated if you don't drive - though the bus service here is better than when I was at Honington - now that is isolated, at least we have a chip shop and a chinese - lol.

    The best beach for the dogs is the one that leads to the lighthouse as the sea breaks on the skerry and you quite often see seals here, it also comes right upto the wall when the tide is in - washing away things that lazy dog owners can't be bothered to pick up :mad:.

    When do you go, have you allocated a FQ yet? what sort of dogs do you have?
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    I hope they've knocked the flats down where we used to live on the sea front!
    Fabulous location but horrible flats, next door to the findhorn pub.
    I agree that postings are what you make of them but I definitely think you need to learn to drive to appreciate the rea.
    We used to go to Inverness and Loch ness regularly - I'm sure the roads must have improved, it was 1987-88 when we were there!
    It's a shame to hear about Elgin's decline, I remember it as a lovely town.
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    As regards shopping, Elgin is dying a slow, painful death which the locals blame on Tesco & Asda, who both have large superstores in the town.
    Must be a different Elgin to the one I know :confused:
    I hope they've knocked the flats down where we used to live on the sea front!
    If it's the one next to the ice cream shop you wouldn't recognise them now. Sold off and refurbished with parking spaces !!
  • I've not been up there, but I have to say everyone I know who has been posted has had a wonderful time - you are so lucky - Im jealous! ;)
  • Golf. The Golf is fantastic (not quite as good as Leuchars but still excellent) with several excellent courses within easy reach such as Moray Golf Club which has an old and a new course and an excellent Clubhouse that caters for all of your 19th hole needs! If you don't play then I suggest you take it up!!
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    The rugby club's quite lively and as they play league as well as union, is open most of the year...
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