Attention: Garmin I3 Streetpilot Owners with v7 maps

updated 12 March 2006:

All Garmin I3 owners with v7 map data are eligible for a free upgrade to v8.

You do not need to phone. All I3 owners are eligible.

Post your small memory card with details of your address to:

I3 Upgrade

They returned my card via 1st class. I advise although its freepost that you send it special delivery.

They quoted 5 working days to return. I got mine back in NINE days. It came back via 1st class post, in a small plastic case. I have heard of someone else getting theirs in 2 days.

Who is eligible? - Everyone with an I3. Confirmed via Garmin two weeks ago.

How can you tell what version your Sat Nav is?
Look at the bottom of your box. If the first line says it contains "MapSource City Navigator NT" map data then its version 8. v7 boxes actually state v7 on the first line. v8 boxes also have v8 printed by the box barcode. If you have lost your box, power up your I3 and look at the map menu in "settings".

How old is the v7 map data?
Not sure, looking at the Garmin site it says the release date for v7 map data for other Garmin Sat Navs was June 2005. I wouldn't say v7 data is way out of date but Garmin are trying to ensure customers have the latest map data.

You refer to v7 and v8, but what is the 2.5, 2.7, 2.82 software stuff?
Your I3 has 'software' which runs the unit and map data. This thread is regarding the map data upgrade. The software updates are 100% free off the Garmin site and don't require any posting. Just upgrade the unit yourself using the USB cable supplied. The latest full version is 2.7 although this month a new 2.82 software has been released for customers to try out. I think most customers get their unit with v2.5 installed, even if they have the latest v8 map data.


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