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We’re struggling at the moment with the huge volumes of messages we’re getting from Forumites about coronavirus and the impact it’s having on their finances. We’re a small team, with limited resources, but we’re doing our best to manage this spike in demand.

At this time, please note the Charities Board should only be used by registered charities and not include personal posts. I’m afraid we will have to delete any posts that aren’t from a registered charity. If you are facing personal financial difficulties at the moment, please use MSE’s coronavirus guides – they contain all the info we have and are constantly being updated:
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Charitable links to raise money FREE (please view and click)

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  • This is such a wonderful easy to do and it only takes a few minutes.

    Just to let you know that I will do my bit each day.
  • PoppycatPoppycat Forumite
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    Thanks rach1973 I be glad if people would click on the links provided, and also very much welcome others to post with there own. I think it would be great for people to help especially when its free.

  • All done for today.
  • PoppycatPoppycat Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture
    Thanks :) ...........

  • eggeyeggey Forumite
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    I always do the Wildlife, breast cancer etc. Its the best way of giving as noone can say they can't afford it. And the time is so nominal, I have sent this around the whole of my office (about 500 emoployees!!) and all at computers, so hopefully thats a whole lot of clickers!!! Should be a decent tally!! I think anyone in an office should/could do this and get more clicks. I know you can only click them one today, but does this also apply on the easyjet site as I didn't read that anywhere!
  • PoppycatPoppycat Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture
    I agree Eggey, its a wonderful way fo rasing money for worthy causes and its in the spirit of mse :)

  • Keep on Clicking.....................
    Peace Of Heaven
  • PoppycatPoppycat Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture
    Keep em coming guys. :)

  • DanigraceDanigrace Forumite
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    Will keep clicking
    :hello: Danigrace :hello:
  • PauleePaulee Forumite
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    Thanks Poppycat, Buddhabellybutton, I've added these to my daily "click list".

    Does anyone know of a similar link for Diabetes UK please?

    My 17 year old daughter is an insulin dependant diabetic and has been from the age of nine. Resources in Shropshire are spread very thinly throughout our local health system. Diabetes can be the cause of many severe ailments in later life, such as heart desease, kidney failure, limb loss etc., that add tremendous demands to our health system and the incidence of type 1 diabetes in children is rising at an alarming rate throughout the world.


    Many families in my area have tried to point out to the health authority that money spent now, in better care and education of sufferers, really would save money in the long term and prove to be a very worthy investment. Our comments have had little effect over the years and staff and resources continue to be cut. Unfortunately, it is the same old story. Investment now is for a long term gain; politicians and the like, running public services, generally only practice short term "quick fixes" that affect their period in office.
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