The Great 'Car Clubs Cost Cutting' Hunt



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    For those using the car share schemes, a new lift share club has been launched last month. It is called moovando but I can't post the link here as a new user. As I said it's new so there doesn't seem to be many lifts on at the moment but hopefully it will grow as the word spreads around.
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  • Hi guys.

    Sorry to bump open an old thread, but a quick question.

    Can you take zip cars out of London? Can't imagine why you shouldn't be able to, but just want to check!
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    I live in Tower Hamlets and the Council is pushing car clubs at the moment. They offer the companies specific parking bays and there is one just around the corner from where I live. I did a postcode search on Streetcar's website and took a look at what was available. Amazing! The silver Golf registration LS09 XCT which Streetcar says is around the corner from me is also available in 5 other spots in my area! Check out post codes E1W 1YD/2RT/3SG and E1 8RZ/1EJ/7NJ. Besides, I have been living in my place for 8 years and I have never seen a Streetcar matching that description in the allocated parking bay ever!

    Streetcar - what have you got to say for yourselves? This looks like a poorly executed marketing ploy to bump up your car availability.
  • Hi shroffn

    All the locations listed on our website absolutely do have a car in them. I think the confusion here has come from the fact that the photos you mention aren't of the exact cars that live in those locations - they are just there to help people identify where the location is.

    To get people using the cars as soon as they 'move in', we do the photography beforehand - that way, the locations pages are ready with no delay. Because we were launching so many bays at once, we just drove around in 1 car and parked it in each bay, then took a photo of the location.

    Cars move between locations all the time, so we send you the registration of the correct car in your booking confirmation SMS and email.

    Hope this makes sense,
    Jonathan (works for Streetcar)
  • shroffn
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    I appreciate your response. Thank you. However, I stand by my point and moreover that there is no Streetcar of any description in location E1W 2RT. In fact, the local minicab firm quite happily park their cars in the Car Club allocated bays. I asked the minicab drivers and even they said that there was no Streetcar in that bay. I checked what your main competitor has in the area and they have exactly the cars they say they have on their website. I am all for the Car Club idea but I am not for my Council Tax being used to subsidise your profits when services are not being delivered.
  • shroffn
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    Amazing. A new Streetcar car appeared in the allocated bay yesterday. I spoke to the drivers at the minicab firm who confirmed that this is the first time that they had seen a Streetcar car in the bays. I guess you guys don't have a car in every spot you advertise after all - but maybe you will have one day?
  • sawanderer
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    We've been with Streetcar a couple of years now, and love it.

    A few MoneySaving tips:

    1 - if the car fuel tank is not full, then fill it up at a petrol station where you are collecting the loyalty points (e.g Nectar at BP or Clubcard points at Tesco Fuel stations). The petrol is paid for by Streetcar, and you get to keep the points

    2 - if the car is dirty and you have a few minutes spare on your rental period, then wash or vacuum the car at a petrol station. Use the fuel card in the car to pay for the vacuum or car wash, or pay for it yourself, keep the receipt and post it off to Streetcar. Within a few days you will get a refund of any money spent and a free hour's rental worth £5.95 to use within the next 30 days. I think there's a 2 credits per month limit on this though.

    3 - always turn the interior lights and headlights off. We left the headlights on once and the battery ran flat, incurring a whopping £100 fine to pay for a Streetcar technician to go out to the car and recharge the battery. Ouch!

    4 - never underestimate when you can return the car. If you are late and someone else has been waiting for more than about 3 minutes, you'll get a £50 fine (£40 of which goes to the driver waiting for you). If you give Streetcar more than 20 minutes notice, this fine is cut in half to £25. We always add an extra 30 minutes to our rentals, costing ~£3, to avoid this now, and then use the extra time to fill the petrol tank and wash the car (see tips 1 & 2).

    5 - always check for damage and compare it with what's written in the log book. If in doubt, check by calling the helpline anyway. This could save you up to £750.

    6 - if a Streetcar rep offers you free credits or a partial refund for whatever reason, keep an eye on your statement to ensure that it's added. We've often we have had to chase for refunds that had been promised.

    If you are thinking of joining Streetcar, use the link below to get £30 free driving credit when you sign up: and enter the Streetcar promo code F98A-EDF

    Hope this all helps.
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    Just seen that there's a new "Connect by Hertz" car club with cars in London, Paris and New York.

    There is currently an offer for a free one year membership (worth £50) to join up, then you can rent a car from £3.95 per hour.

    I've just signed up, as from my POV there's nothing to lose, even though we are already Streetcar members.
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    Just a quick tip for anyone thinking of joining Streetcar longer term:

    They're currently doing a deal for 2 years membership for £99 and £20 worth of free driving on the account. Saves £20 on two single year memberships, plus some free driving!

    EDIT: free driving is valid for 1 month.

    Was just offered to me when I joined today...

    Hope it's useful.

  • billy
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    just joined (got free membership) and didn't seem to have much problems booking a car over Christmas, its now december 2nd. i'm only using it for one day and the equivalent price from regular hire company (non airport) was £80 i'm paying just short of £32 for the day including petrol.

    never used them before anyone else got experience of using them?

    oh also just seen that they are offering
    75% off hourly rates on 16/12/09 to celebrate their 1st birthday!
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