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I've been a carer for about 6 years, ever since my mother had a debilitating stroke that knocked out her ability to speak or move around properly. My husband and I have been taking care of her ever since and she currently lives at home with us.

Anyway, since we moved to the UK (about 15 months ago), I've noticed lots of moneysaving situations that have come about due to mom's condition, so I'd like to share some of them with you, just in case you are unaware of these things......(Not all will be directly tied to disability, but I will list them nonetheless because they still have something to do with the fact my mum lives with us)

Events & Shows

Did you know that if you go to see a show at the theatre or to most events, you can get a heavily discounted ticket price for the wheelchair bound person and most places will also allow the accompanying person in at no extra charge! Even if this is not stated on the posters or ads, if you call them directly and ask, you may be pleasantly surprised.

For example, my husband and I took mum to see some fancy horse show last year and they charged mom half price, let me in for free and so we only had to pay full price for my husband's ticket! ;D


After reading Martin's tips on switching providers, we did some research on what was available and after some calls, made the switch to STAYWARM, which started last month. It's a godsend because mom tends to leave the heater running day and night and so the charges can be quite exorbitant, but now, because STAYWARM offers a reasonable fixed price, things are much better now. Thing is, they accepted our application even though the property is not in mom's name. So, for those of you who have an elderly person living at home, this may well be worth looking into!

TV License
Again, because of mom, our tv license fee is free.

Disabled Parking Pass
We applied for this shortly after moving to our new home and it has really been very helpful, as there are so many benefits that come out of having this pass that I'm glad we got it!

There are more services out there which help us with moneysaving but this is all I can think of at the moment.

If I come up with anything else, I will come back and list the rest.

I recently read that there are 6 million carers (stay at home/non-professionals) like me in the UK. So, if any of you know of good deals or bargains to be had for folks in our situation, please feel free to add them to this thread.

You never know, it might help somebody!




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    The carer of a disabled person can get in to UCI cinemas free - the disabled person pays normal price.

    EDIT - The CEA card is now about the only accepted way of getting a carer in for free.

    There are also other museums etc that do the same. It isn't always pointed out at cinemas and other attractions, but if you check their websites / phone them / ask when you arrive you will quite often find 'unadvertised' discounts.
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  • Yay Trix!!! ;D

    I didn't know that UCI Cinemas did that! Well, that's another one to go into my "Good Deals" handbook.

    Anyway, that's EXACTLY what I'm talking about. Most of these 'benefits' are not advertised and many of us stumble upon them almost by accident. So, if anyone else knows of any such 'package deals' for us carers, please come forward.

    I'll be back a little later, as I am still looking for the leaflet I found advertising a discount holiday resort for carers and carees (?). I will post the info as soon as I find the @#$%! thing....grrrrr. (Dawna Walters where are you?)

    Keep those tips coming folks! (And thanks so very much in advance)
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    Eden project in Cornwall:

    1 carer per disabled person admitted free

    A lot of swimming pools allow free entry for a carer with the disabled person (who usually get a reduced price). Check out details with your local one.
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    If you have a disabled / seriously ill child (eligibilty info on website) under the age of 16, the Family Fund provide grants for things like:
    holidays (usually in the form of a cheque of £380ish), fridges or freezers, dishwashers, washing machines (you get a choice of a couple which are then delivered and the FF pay for most repairs), bedding and clothing (cheque again) driving lessons, specialist toys (we got £300 towards a £500 trike) and a few other things I can't remember at the minute but are listed on the website::)

    Quotes from website:

    The Family Fund is an independent organisation, registered as a charity and funded by the national governments of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

    The Family Fund will consider helping families in as many ways as possible. However, where an item is the responsibility of a statutory agency such as the health authority, local government, social services, housing or education department we are unable to help.

    They also have information about holidays, transport and benefits.
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  • Thanks for the info Rachelle.

    My mum is a carer for my brother but not heard about the free TV licence can you supply more info?

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    For anyone that goes across the Severn bridge, this is free (for the cwhole car) if you have a blue badge holder in the car (they do look at the photo and check the person is there).
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    For anyone buying a new car dealers offer dicounts to those getting DLA at the lower rate ie those ineligable for motability. Local dealers often aren't aware of this though, or pretend they're not! We got a 10% discount on the car and all factory fitted accessories with vauxhall. This was on top of the saving we got by bartering, the trade in value of our old car, the reduced rate because the car was on special offer and the 0% finance already being offered. I left it until after the final lowest price was negotiated before bringing up the extra 10% and since the local dealers claw back this saving anyhow the salesman couldn't start the sob story about his hungry wife and kids.
    This probably isn't of much use to anyone but perhaps someone is about to buy a new car- never know.
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    For the London Eye, if you are a carer than the disable person pay full price the carer goes for free.

    When booking ticket mention this to them, it does not need to have a physical disabilities other disabilities ie, mental health etc..... is also included.
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    rachelle,please tell me how you got a free t.v. licence.i care for my 28 year old daughter who lives with me ,thanks von
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    Hi have to be 75 years old to get free tv licence......
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