From -£1,523.00 to +£50,000

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    U4EA wrote: »
    You can make loads if you put your mind to it.

    So, hows your progress then?
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    I've just started MBing. My 1st bookmaker signup was Jaxx. Although in no hurry at all (i'm a bit of a plodder !) can any of you recommend which bookmakers I should look at next for best offers ?

    I'm aware of the 'Bookie Info' google spreadsheet. The Totesport current offer of £100 basket looks good against their previous best of £125. Any comments ?

    Thanks in advance.
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    erm am i the only dumb person here what is match betting ?
  • owens3116 wrote: »
    erm am i the only dumb person here what is match betting ?
    Sorry only just seen your question.:o If you search for the gambling introductory offers and loopholes forum you ll find a sytem that relies on free bets from bookies to make money.This is a very low risk system.I believe the links are near the start of this thread if you can t find it.

    A quick update for anybody who cares to read,I ve bust the 10k mark now and finally got round to opening a new bookie.:T I (still) need my butt kicked on this issue as I know I could be making a lot more if I could self motivate to do this.

    Hope you s are all well and getting richer.:D
    Life is short, smile while you still have teeth :D
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    Congrats pink on the 10k mark, not sure if/when I'll reach that point, but atm I also need a kick to speed things up a little...

    I dont really want to start any us bookies until I have a larger BR, but actively reading some of the posts from Slim/Superdash regarding how they reccomend tackling their heavy WR's...

    At the moment, i'll be happy reaching say £400PCM, and hopefully try and increase that figure, depending on the timescale involved.

    Anyhow congrats PP - and keep up the good work!
  • Slim and Super dash are very good,I also like reading the £400 a month challenge.I think that is a very good thread to help me (and others ) see how they make the huge sums they do each month.Seeing where they make every penny ,on which books and offers etc.Im on tgu alot now,I find it goes into alot more than we can on giol.
    Keep at it Dire the 10ks come very very quick after the 5k.It just starts to snowball.
    Life is short, smile while you still have teeth :D
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    Hi guys,

    Specifically directed at U4EA & pp - I've only just come across this thread and have read it in its entirity with interest.

    I've been MBing myself for 3 months, am on my 18th bookie and currently around the £1100 mark (profit). I'm playing with a float of 2k, but can easily move a k or 2 from my savings into my float (not bad considering only 12 months ago I was almost 8k in debt when I had my lightbulb moment) Anyway, I started this year around 6k in debt, paid this off in June and set myself a personal goal to be in the black to the tune of 10k by the 31st December this year. If my MB profits carry on at the rate of around £80-£100 a week until then, this will easily be do-able (this figure also includes salary etc)

    Sorry for the waffling, but I could see similarities between this thread and my own goals.

    Anyway, I have 2 specific questions:

    - You say with a float of 2.5-3k then £1000 a month is easily achievable, I would like to up my profits from MBing. Does most of this come from arbs? I am in work most of the day, and only get home around half 4 so am unable to sit arbing horses all day. I haven't really touched on horses yet, but there are normally races on by the time I get home, so I wouldn't mind spending an hour or 2 when I get in finding arbs if that's the case. I'll just have to read up on the horses thread.

    - Question 2, do you use your cash for other +ev activities that have a return anything like MBing? I've been thinking of casino bonus bagging, as I'm looking at other ways to invest as my float grows bigger, but for now the big WRs and variance put me off (I always lose on the SJ free chips etc etc) I'm not a fan of ebay (I normally don't make anything near my expected figure when I sell anything, then by the time the fees have been charged and Paypal take another slice, I find most things aren't worth selling) Daily clicks seems like a small amount really, but I did read that pp said she makes around £900 a year from this, so may be worth looking into.

    Thanks for any replies, I too am looking to save a ridiculous sum of cash in the next 12 months, so really need to maximise the return on my investments (Need to get on the housing ladder before prices increase too much!!)

    Thanks guys

    This is WAY more fun than monopoly.
  • With less than a month to go, how are you doing?
  • Yeah I'd be interested to know how you are doing so far as well.
    Very interesting read.
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