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Feed yourself on £1 a day



  • Norfolk_Jim
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    While you may not have any debt, I think this thread would be of interest to the DFW board or the Saving Money OT board. For a long time myself and OH lived on £2 a day for food. Seems to have spiralled out of control since then, hardly dare calculate meal costs some days.
  • JohalaReewi
    JohalaReewi Posts: 2,614 Forumite
    Didn't someone recently write a book about their experiences of living on £1 a day?
  • maninthestreet
    Lee, perhaps you could post details of any weight loss that occurs throughout the year?
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  • Wheeler
    I have lived off a pound a day for two weeks now. My advice is using a crock pot (slow cooker). This means you can cook large batches at a time, buying in bulk is much cheaper and if you cant eat it all freeze to eat later. Its still fresh and healthy. Spagehetti bolognase is my favourite at around 40 pence a large portion. Mince is also the cheapest of the meats by bulk, if you look for half proce offers you can use the much more upmarket stuff. It Beats donuts!
  • plumbskill
    There was a tv programme a few weeks ago where Jonathan Maitland lived rough for a week in Bath [i think] started off with no money, but interesting to see how he did survive.While doing this, he met a school teacher who did live for a year on £1 a day for food and usual cleaning stuff & toiletries,she found it easy to achieve.[remind me to tell my wife about it, i could save a fortune.....i wish]
  • LeeSouthEast
    Wow. Thanks for all your messages of support !

    It's true the idea isn't new, but it's the first time (certainly that I know of) that it'll be documented daily. I enjoy blogging, I enjoy cooking, and I enjoy saving money, so it's a natural progression.

    I own a crock pot, which will be being used heavily, fear not !

    Regarding weight loss, at 10 stone before starting (5ft 10), I hopefully won't lose much if any. My goals are to eat healthily and ideally, maintain my weight where it's at right now. With 10 stone lost last year, I've had enough of losing weight ;)
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  • mark55man
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    good luck Lee

    I am sure plenty will be as interested in how you lost 10 st as how you live on £1 a day
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  • Fire_Fox
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    You are allowed to post a link to your blog in your profile, if that helps? Can you grow any of your own fruit and vegetables in your garden, or get an allotment? Or trade handyman services for eggs, veg or fruit?

    Turkey drumsticks are another cheap meat source, and go well in a slow cooker. If you have freezer space you might try buying half a pig/ cow straight from the farmer and share with other family members. Loads more ideas on the 'Old Style' board and support on the 'Live on £4k for a year' thread on the DFW board.

    Edited to add: seen that you have linked to your blog from your profile. If you must take a multivitamin, make it a multivitamin and multimineral combined. Vitamin deficiencies are rare, low grade mineral deficiencies much more common. If you eat your five portions of fruit and veg a day - tomato puree and baked beans count! - have wholegrains rather than white carbs and dairy products daily you will be fine (I have studied nutrition modules as part of my degree BTW). More likely you won't get sufficient omega 3s - oily fish, Columbus eggs or Leskol cheese are good sources.
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  • panpipe
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    There's an article in this month's Asda magazine about £1 and under packed lunches.


    Good luck! Sounds interesting; I'll be following your blog for updates and ideas!
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  • Mitchell285
    We as a family of 3 and quite big eatters manage to cook a fresh meal each night which is very cheap and healthy and very tastey , for around the £7 mark . so for just yourself , healthy should be possible

    Good luck to yourself !!
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