Feed yourself on £1 a day

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Hi fellow experts!

I'm a long time lurker, but finally signed up today so be gentle :)

I've set myself a challenge. To live on £1 a day for the next 365 days, beginning on February 20th. My reasoning is numerous, but in short I was appauled to find I was spending around £250 a month on food alone just for me. My new year resolution is to be debt-free by January 2010, and to do this I need to cut back on unnecessary spending like extravagent food, and use it to better goals.

I figured it'd be a fun journey to document online, blog-style. Recipes, ups, downs, challenges and frustrations for others to learn by and try for themselves. While you need not go as far as I have, if you're trying to feed a family for less, perhaps you can grab some ideas and just scale them up? As an added twist, I'm not looking to do just the cheapest. I want the healthiest I can possibly manage. We often hear in the news how "healthy living is expensive", so I want to try and disprove that as well.

For those of you interested in how I get on, I'll be posting at least once per day for the next year at [ redacted ].

.. in a moment of self-inspection .. I must be mad. But it'll be fun... I hope.

Starting Debt: ~£20,000 01/01/2009. DFD: 20/11/2009 :j
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