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Fibromyalgia (part 2)

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Disability Money Matters
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  • UnityUnity Forumite
    1.5K posts
    Hey, welcome back S/E - we really missed you :T.

    Raeh - I too am perplexed by 'nesh' - we have 'clesh' which is another word for 'good' as in "It's clesh here isn't it?" ;)

    I watched the news at 6.30 pm and couldn't believe the footage of the Capital at a standstill :eek:. We have a lot to learn from the Scanidnavian nations who still manage to keep going and even land planes in worse than this. Mind you if it keeps up like this I'll be cancelling my GP appointment tomorrow ;).

    I managed to get into the kitchen today and made a sultana slab and a rather large coconut rice pudding :p which may well be a cure for depression :D.
    Some people hear voices, some see invisible people. Others have no imagination whatsoever :D
  • TrialiaTrialia Forumite
    1.1K posts
    'Nesh' is another word for 'feeble' -- s'what my grandmother always used to call me if I kept my coat on indoors in winter!
    Homosexual, Unitarian, young, British, female, disabled. Do you need more?
  • raehraeh Forumite
    2.6K posts
    *Tuts at everyone :rolleyes:


    1. (UK) Averse to cold weather; soft, delicate; of persons sensitive to the cold
    Usage notes
    This word is a fairly widespread dialect term, occuring in the English North West Midlands, the East Midlands, the North West and South Yorkshire.
    Retrieved from "http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/nesh"

    s/e welcome back :D really lovely to 'see' you
    I wish I had 6 inches :D It's been a while :p
    I almost choked on my cuppa :o

    Billy has been out in the garden making a snowman and throwing snowballs at kipper who was madly leaping about eating the snow and is now fast asleep and snoring as he tired himself out [the dog not bill!!] it was lovely to see as we never seem to get a good snow fall.

    unity dh is in canada skiing and is due back thursday and they were warned today that the airports in london were closed, they have had twice as much snow fall every day over there and yet their planes would be able to take off to bring them back, they just wouldnt be able to land when they got here :rotfl: hopefully it will have improved before hes due to fly back

    right im slipping , i havent done any competitions today, im also very tired after working all day, i wouldnt be able to do that very often

    keep warm and well everyone xx
    2009-£7500 2010 £10800 2011 £2000

    Thank you to everyone who posts comps xxx
  • TrialiaTrialia Forumite
    1.1K posts
    Lol nice one raeh... I am a north-west Midlander... *G*
    Homosexual, Unitarian, young, British, female, disabled. Do you need more?
  • suepsuep Forumite
    782 posts

    I so wanna see punk photos Sue :D

    There aren't any :p I cant remember if it was becuase mum didnt want any of me when I looked like that or wether it was because I was just like dd and refused having my photo taken :rotfl:
    Real stupidity beats artificial intelligence every time.
    Terry Pratchett ( Hogfather)
  • After the end of the last thread, I figured we could do with a little light relief, raeh.
    We have "teasy" here. "I'm feeling some teasy"
    Some = a lot, considerably
    Teasy = irritated

    Just the one slice of the sultana slab please, Unity. Love that you're feeling a little brighter.

    I had a fabbie dinner - lamb chop, dolphin-nose (dauphinoise) potatoes, gravy and mint sauce. The lamb was absolutely gorge.
    Must remember, I do not need any choccie.
    I must go, I have lives to ruin and hearts to break :D
    My attitude depends on my Latitude 49° 55' 0" N 6° 19' 60 W
  • sharon59sharon59 Forumite
    1.1K posts
    Gosh thought youd all deserted me when came on first phew!!
    CWTA -your naughty referance to 6" made me choke!-also had me trying to recall......!!!
    Funny words continued-
    any one fancy a cwch? -in Welsh Wales thats a cuddle/hug
    see how educational this thread is as well as supportive!!
    we all seem bit brighter today -hugs and cwchs for those in need and you all as well.
    Crikey its snowing hard and sticking fast here -only had flurries today.DD keeps ringing -desperate for school to be closed tomorrow-she teaches RE!!!
    My DS and DIL are in Hertfordshire -both teachers -and snowed in today and both schools closed tomorrow and they been out in snow like kids!
    Am fretting bit as DD2 was sent home from work early about 9pm-and has 40 min journey she has never driven in snow and been phoning for updates so wont relax till shes rung to say shes in.Shes 22 but still my baby!
    night all sharonxxxxxx
    :j this money saving is such fun:T
  • Am sure she'll be fine sharon. Won't stop you worrying though, eh?

    I was wrong. I did need chocolate. *grin*
    I must go, I have lives to ruin and hearts to break :D
    My attitude depends on my Latitude 49° 55' 0" N 6° 19' 60 W
  • raehraeh Forumite
    2.6K posts
    arrghhhh CwtA you just reminded me i have [strike]thorntons[/strike] misshapes from home bargains ;)

    odd isnt it all the words we use different places :D mind you the kids come out with new words all the time lol. apparently my son needs a new 'sick' phone :rolleyes: sharon i havent a clue how you would pronounce cwch, il have to ask my welsh workmate tomorrow ;) and CwtA if i said at work tomorrow im feeling some teasy im not sure what they would think :rotfl:trialia im glad someone else knew what i meant with nesh :p

    its still snowing here so bill has just come down for about the 50th time to ask do i think they might close the school, i can see this being a loooong evening :rolleyes:

    sharon i hope your dd got back safely xx
    2009-£7500 2010 £10800 2011 £2000

    Thank you to everyone who posts comps xxx
  • sharon59sharon59 Forumite
    1.1K posts
    shes home!now wheres the hair dye-the silvers showing thru a bit more!
    Nos Da all x
    :j this money saving is such fun:T
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