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What secret/special ingredient do you add to certain food/dishes?



  • kitschkitty
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    mustard powder in cheese scone mix too!

    fizzy water or beer etc when making batter so it is lighter and crispier!

    white chocolate in custard so it sets better in a trifle.

    a few slices of chopped streaky bacon in bolognese.

    Chopped carrots in chili for added sweetness.

    Worcester sauce in mince and gravy/cottage pie/shepherds pie etc, also baked beans and their "juice" to bulk it out (and tastes yummy)!

    Balsamic vinegar on beetroot rather than buying it pickled (and never buy the prepacked stuff if there's any chemicals added as it tastes horrid)!

    Dijon mustard mixed with mayo for a change in sandwiches, also works for coleslaw, and on many jacket spud fillings etc.

    Add 1 chopped/cubed cooked pork escalope/chop to a tin of Tuscan bean soup (Asda good for you range 35p) to make a main meal of pork and bean casserole! (nice served with a jacket spud if really hungry)!
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  • maman
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    I use Dijon mustard to add to my cheese sauce. To gravy I add all and anything to make it more tasty. Tonight to my lamb gravy I added (because I could) some cranberry sauce, red wine, marmite and a splash of Worcestershre sauce. Generally to gravy I add the marmite and a small amount of relevant stock cube and some red wine (got it frozen from leftovers). With some meats there are bits of stuffing in the baking tin but otherwise I often sprinkle over some dried thyme.
  • I have a battery of soup and packet mixes (the ones by scwartz or colmans etc like chilli con carne/beef stroganof/chicken chasseur, or leek and chicken soup and so on) and whatever Im cooking gets a sprinkle of this and a dash of that ...
    eg. Today, we had what was a chicken chasseur, which the kids got, but before I dished up mine and OH's I put in the last of a packet of chicken fahjita mix, and we had an almost chicken curry. Ive used a cheese sauce mix in bolognaise, and various packet mixes in sausage casseroles, especially shepherds pie..!!! This is all hob cooking BTW, not casseroles.
    I think alot of those packet mixes have pretty similar ingredients, but I use them very sparingly - theres usually several open at once and I just make everything up as I go along! I use them in pretty much the same way as a stock cube, just chuck a bit in and give it a few minutes to cook in.

    Next thing I'll try is to see whether cup-a-soup packets can be used in the same way.:rotfl: because I LOVE CROUTONS!!

    We always have mayo & mustard in our cheese/ham sarnies.
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  • I wash out the leftover HP sauce in the bottle and add it to cottage pie, just below the mashed potato
  • Olliebeak
    Olliebeak Posts: 3,167 Forumite
    luckys_mum wrote: »
    I wash out the leftover HP sauce in the bottle and add it to cottage pie, just below the mashed potato

    awwwwww my secret ingredient is no secret any more :cry:! Have always used a dollop of HP in my cottage pie gravy - very yummy :drool:!!
  • mioliere
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    I always add half a teaspoon of Marmite to stews and casseroles and, to most meat dishes, I add half a tsp of sugar and around half a tsp of Natco's indian seasoning (I get mine from the Co-op, on the Indian foods counter and my last one cost just 49p for a packet which lasts for ages and really adds that 'something')

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  • kunekune
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    I add bacon and chopped chicken liver to bolognese, also a bit of cream at the end.
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  • I use mushroom ketchup/marmite/hendersons relish in any veggie mince recipes although not always together.
    I use a real chocolate essence in chilli,it's realy strong and adding even the darkest chocolate does'nt give the smoothness the essence does.
    Port goes in stews.Gives it a lovely flavour.
    Mustard and paprka in cheese sauce.
    Honey and mustard with sausages makes a lovely sauce.
    Smoked paparka,just pinch goes lovely with sauces for sausages ect.too.
  • I always add some A1 american steak sauce and a tin of baked beans to my Shepherds Pie meat.
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  • Here's my 'secret' ingredient.

    Add a tablespoon of golden syrup to the creamed butter and sugar in a sponge cake.
    It works equally well with plain or flavoured ie chocolate sponges.

    It adds and retains the moisture in the sponge

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