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The £2.00 Coin Savers Club

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Debt-Free Wannabe
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  • Ive decided I am using mine for a Seaweed Wrap at the Carlton Redcastle Spa in Donegal! Well I have to have something to look forward too!!

    Aug Grocery Challenge £159.45/£150
    Aug £5 a day £103.94/£155
    :A Tempus Fugit :A
  • Another one for me :)

    I'm too finding it exciting lol!
    Official DFW Nerd 071/£2 saver=£10
    Argos Bill £100+
    Debt Free/Fat Free 4st 4lb gone
  • Just read back and saw someone unfortunately had theirs pinched
    (hope you find out who did it xx)
    and just made me think that maybe we should all maybe not mention
    this to too many people we know and keep well hidden.
    Official DFW Nerd 071/£2 saver=£10
    Argos Bill £100+
    Debt Free/Fat Free 4st 4lb gone
  • New members added so far today, Monday 10th April 2006….. how wonderful….. :T
    Firstyearisthehardest - Saving for a Seaweed Wrap
    To view the latest list of members and savings up to 6th April 2006 ... [post=1922578]Click Here[/post] - hooray... :p

    For those who need help creating a signature for displaying your £2.00 Coin savings, log on as normal then scroll to the menu bar:-

    1. Click - User CP
    2. Click - Edit Signature
    3. Type your text into the box (Amount saved and savings aim)
    4. Edit, set font size, colour as required
    5. Add a Smiley too if you wish.... :p
    6. Click Preview Signature or Save Signature
    7. If previewed and ok then click Save Signature

    Easy Peasy…. :p

    The MSE £2 Coin Savers gang….. 426 Savers to date... Wonderful...… hee hee :dance:
    :) The £2 Coin Savers Club = £346.00 (£300.00 transferred to Savings a/c)

    :) "Some days you're a Pigeon...some days you're a Statue"
  • missdrexiemissdrexie Forumite
    390 posts
    Another one for me, off to change sig to show £16. :j
  • ema34ema34 Forumite
    116 posts
    what a day today ! Got 3 in a row!!! so new total is 14£
    2£ coin savers club member since 28/03/06 saved so far= 40£ :A
  • Got 3 today as well - these things fairly mount up, really glad I found this thread
    Joined slimming world Feb 2010

    Starting weight 14st 3lb
  • Well after over a week without any, i finally got another 1, YEY :T

    It was all i could do to not grab it out the the shop assistants hand!!
    Shoes, Chocolate and Springers are my downfall :p

  • susiet_3susiet_3 Forumite
    34 posts
    Hi guys,i am very new to joining, however i have been enjoying reading the forum for about a year. Thought i'd give the £2 savers club a go too!!

    Susie :j
  • shazzer22shazzer22 Forumite
    502 posts
    grr.. bought the boyfriend some socks today in river island sale, blokey said sorry got no £5, I was so excited and said asked for some £2 coins but he didnt have any of those either! so i fed percy the pig with 2 of the £1 coins anyway just incase he was feeling left out!
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