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  • BeenieCatBeenieCat Forumite
    6.6K Posts
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    I was sucked into joining a gym through a gold membership worth £60 a month (apparently) which i'd "won" but still had to pay £16.53 a month for and be tied in for 2 years :lipsrseal :rolleyes2

    Needless to say, i only managed to go twice in 3 months and i've since cancelled the direct debit (which i'm reminded to now sort out).

    So don't do as I did and fall for it, unless you genuinely wanted to join anyway!!
    # Workout outside the gym. Examine your fitness requirements; you can run, cycle, do light weights, yoga and a lot more without gym facilities. Why not arrange to pound the pavement or buy light weights or workout DVDs with friends?

    Unless you specifically want to weight train, then I would say the above would be a better idea!

  • lcharmlcharm Forumite
    633 Posts
    The Pru Health offer is back but it works differently now where you pay more initially but as time goes on it get's cheaper when you earn Vitality points through health checks and gym visits. Anyone on this yet? I don't like the idea of paying more at the beginning!
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  • GLL who run a number of London local authority pools have introduced a membership tariff for pool use only in my local area. Previously the only way to cut the cost of going regularly to the pool was to take up their normal full gym membership. Cost saving of around £8 per month in my case.
  • jon200jon200 Forumite
    64 Posts
    Hi guys,

    Me and my partner are both pretty overweight and decided that now is the time to really knuckle down.
    I excercise on and off. Enough to maintain my weight, but not enough to lose any.

    Phoned around the local gyms (Wickford, Essex). Wanted a decent gym with lots of choice in excercise.
    Best price i got was £37.95 each at Fitness First. They said they no longer do joint memberships because of a court case a couple of years ago.

    We quite simply do not have that amount of money each spare per month to join and was wondering if anyone had any ideas or suggestions?

    I joined the local leisure centre, but the gym is small and is always extremely busy to the point where you have to wait up to an hour for any of the cardio equipment.
  • SilaquiSilaqui Forumite
    2.8K Posts
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    Hi Jon,

    I'm nowhere near Essex but have lived in both Leicester and Nottingham and used council run gyms so it might be worth ringing your local council and seeing if they have an fitness facilities? I pay £24 a month and get use of any of 5 different gyms around the county (obviously I use the local one) free swimming, and free classes. They also do a joint membership for £42.
    Obviously that's not relevant to you but worth a try.

    ALSO just thought of this - try your GP they can sometimes put you on a program to lose weight and you get free gym access for a certain time, see if they can suggest anything?

    Hope this helps,
    Ths signature is out of date because I'm too lazy to update it... :o
  • cath777cath777 Forumite
    185 Posts
    hi jon silaqui is right i go to a weight clinic at my local doctors and have recently been referred for an exercise scheme its 26.60 for 20 sessions (2 sessions a week) at the local sports centre it depends how much weight you need to lose really but maybe worth investigating
    MSE 7 year member :rotfl:

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  • cath777cath777 Forumite
    185 Posts
    sorry didnt say im in east yorkshire by the way!
    MSE 7 year member :rotfl:

    Sealed Pot Challenge No 056 :beer: £69.50 potted.
  • lolly5648lolly5648 Forumite
    2.2K Posts
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    I don't know if Impulse Leisure is near you. They run the council gyms in the Thurrock area and are quite reasonable
  • fitness first are very cheap so is virgin active through pru health, you can even get your membership to £0 a month
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  • Savvy_SueSavvy_Sue Forumite
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    I'll merge this into the Gym Cost-Cutting thread.
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