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Free ebooks for anyone with an electronic reader



  • Torkijo
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    lolly5648 wrote: »
    Thanks everyone for all the links - I received a Sony reader for Christmas. I have downloaded a couple of books from the library successfully having downloaded adobe and overdrive but wondered what I would need calibre for? Is it for other formats or just easier?

    Sorry so long getting back, Calibre is to convert other formats into epub - including pdf & word docs - you can get a load of magazines (Legally) in pdf and then convert them to read on the reader.
  • Kell73_2
    i use a site which email you if there are free amazon books, not the classic ones, but just random books. some of them are rubbish, but worth a shot for free!! I'm not allowed to post links as a newish user but hope you get the gist!! ereaderiq dot co dot uk thye also allow you to add books and they email you when they come down in price, great for the books you really want to read, but can't justify paying the price!! usually you get emails once a day about free books and you just click on the pic and it takes you straight to the amazon site. best thing i've found sice getting my kindle. i got it from the kindle forums on amazon
  • Snapdragon
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    sprokit wrote: »
    I have noted the link given early on in this list, for the free ebook classics on Kindle - and know to keep an eye on the "100 best sellers free" as there is often a more modern book on there free, which later seems to change over to having to be paid for, but , is there a complete list - or an easy way to look for "all free ebooks" on Amazon.
    I know some clever folk have managed to, say, find all items with 75% on the Amazon site, but has anyone come up with "all free kindle ebooks"?

    Try this though you may find it a bit overwhelming,there are a lot free! You can use the links on the left to just look at the sub categories you fancy.
  • descartesmum
    Athough I live here in England my Kindle is registered with amazon.com. A friend sent me a site that has a very long list of free books. Not sure if you can download them directly to UK Kindles but you can download them onto your computer and then change their format for the K.

  • woollyed
    woollyed Posts: 78 Forumite
    LeeLowe wrote: »
    I use Feedbooks regularly, and list my own novel Mortal Ghost with them. They provide multiple e-formats, including a Kindle-compatible one, are reliable with formatting, and answer email questions promptly and expertly. Highly recommended!

    I have downloaded your book and look forward to reading it. Also thanks for the link to feedbooks looks a really good place to find original and classic ebooks.
  • woollyed
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    epsom wrote: »
    Could anyone tell me the answer to this?.

    I have CD Roms full of e-book PDF's and I wonder if they could be transferred to a Sony Reader?

    Thanks in advance.
    I use the Calibre programme, it is free to download. I have used it to download books from feedbooks etc and it converts them to kindle format, but it can convert to other formats I believe. I have not used it for transferring from cd rom but it might be worth a look.
  • Enterprise_1701C
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    With my Sony E-reader I frequently have PDFs on it from the libraries.

    You can load books from external sources, go to the interface you got with the reader, click file then import files.
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  • tamalyn
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    this forum is great, have found loads i was looking for, including the twilight series etc http://www.masalaboard.com/showthread.php/208649-E-BOOKS-Download-1000s-of-FREE-books!?p=14408111&highlight=twilight#post14408111
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  • kingfisherblue
    Athough I live here in England my Kindle is registered with amazon.com. A friend sent me a site that has a very long list of free books. Not sure if you can download them directly to UK Kindles but you can download them onto your computer and then change their format for the K.


    The UK equivilent is https://www.ereaderiq.co.uk - if you sign up for the free newsletter, you receive details of free ebooks for the kindle on Amazon. I just click on the book title, it opens up the right page on Amazon, and I just 'buy' the free ebook with One-click. It downloads instantly to me kindle.

    If you don't open your email for a few days, you might find that some of the ebooks have to be paid for. The site includes time limited offers. I've had a few crime thrillers because of receiving the newsletter - some good, some not so good. But all free.

    One question - I'm not very technological. If I use a different site and want to download a book onto my kindle, how do I do this? Does the book download onto my computer and then I have to transfer it using my USB lead from my kindle?
  • Ronaldo_Mconaldo
    The free book sites all consist of the same out of production titles, mostly Shakespeare or Sherlock Holmes books. The reason ebooks cost a lot is because they add VAT to them and they don't do that with normal books. I think it'll get to the stage where someone creates a Napster-like site for getting copied books illegally. I'll be the first to sign up.
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