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  • techno12
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    smartmind wrote: »
    There are some ideas that are so bad that they shouldn't be promoted by experts such as MSE. Prepaid cards are basically a rip-off :eek: and they are promoted for those that can least afford them.

    I dunno, I'm considering getting one for Internet purchases. Made one last year on my normal Visa Debit card, and kept receiving recurring transactions each month, despite me stopping the service. Had to reclaim the debited amount month after month until Barclays finally sorted it out.

    A prepaid card where I load a tenner on it or whatever sounds like the solution - any dodgy internet retailers can try those 'continuous authority' transactions all they like, but it'll just bounce cos there'll be no funds on the card!
  • Scooper100
    One point to note is that some online retailers, like Amazon, list every item you buy as a separate purchase. This means that when you buy several items at once, even though it appears you are making one purchase, your card supplier will charge you the minimum fee for each item, which is likely to be higher than if all the items were grouped together as one purchase.
  • halil
    halil Posts: 288 Forumite
    whats the best mastercard or visa prepaid card out thgere? mainly for online purchases?
  • halil
    halil Posts: 288 Forumite
    just bumping
  • racquetgirl
    I am quite confused re prepaid cards. I am off to Australia, New Zealand and Canada, is there any benefit in having a card and if so should I get a sterling one? Or should I take travellers cheques?
  • kyllle
    kyllle Posts: 93 Forumite
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    Hi all,

    I order one of the cashplus top up credit cards, got my letter to take to the post office to pay the Card Issue Fee of £9.95 and First Months Subscription fee of £4.95 which I paid on 19th December 09 and was told I would recieve my card within 7-10 days but with the christmas holidays i expected it to arrive a little later.

    Still hadnt arrived this week so I decided to phone and the guy told me he would have to reissue me with a new card which would take 4-5days to arrive.

    I asked him could I pay money into my card over the phone which he told me i couldnt then he gave me a ref number and told me I could pay into my account in any national retail outlet but this only applies to england.

    I assume there will be another debit come 19th January or how does the debits work as teh customer advisor was useless, this has got me really panickin as I got this card in order to start boasting my credit rating and now Im gonna fail straight away and I really cant afford to!! I really dunno what i can do!!

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  • redvanman
    redvanman Posts: 112 Forumite
    I was thinking of getting either a Splash Maestro Card or Cashplus Mastercard would I be able to book Hotel and Train reservations with any of these cards.
  • robsimps53
    chrisitme wrote: »
    I wanted to give my daughter and son a paypal card each for Christmas but for the last fortnight every time I fill in the forms at the very last bit when it's suppose to get the funding from my paypal account a message comes up saying
    I am sorry we are unable to complete your request, please try again later.

    Please try again.

    I've emailed paypal twice and they say its a technical problem and they are dealing with it. It does seem to be taking them an exceedingly long time!
    Does anyone know what's happening ?

    i have read many good things about the paypal card and it does stand out from the rest although i dont have one of these cards i do however use paypal for making payments for ebay items and i found a few times that whenever i have a problem with a transaction they are a total nightmare to get hold of and get it sorted
  • trenchard_2
    killie1997 wrote: »
    try titanium cash plus, it work for me
    killie. what happens when you win ? can you withdraw your winnings with your titanium cash plus, or by some other method ?
  • kerrie83

    I know this might be a stupid question but i was just about to apply for a cashplus prepaid mastercard, they want to charge me £4.99 for the card then £4.49 (or something) for the first months fee...

    I dont really want to use the pre paid card part but i was going to add on the Credit builder which costs £4.49 a month so..... does this mean i will have to pay £4.49 for the cashplus card then £4.49 for the credit builder every month because this will work out more than it says on the previos page...

    One way of doing this is the Cashplus Creditbuilder* card, which costs £9.95 to open. It charges a £4.95 monthly fee, which technically counts as a £59.40/year loan. As long as you pay the fee every month for a year, this info will be passed on to credit reference agency Experian.

    Any info would be appreciated, i'm really confused :/
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