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2009 Money Saving Alternative Calendar



  • Samphire
    Samphire Posts: 79 Forumite
    Great idea Greenshieldstamp!

    I would add in things like plant hyacinths, crocus, amemones or miniture iris for forcing into flower at Christmas in September, as this is something I meant to try for the first time this year and totally missed the boat. It might be good to put things like start thinking about making mincement / Xmas puds and cakes on the calendar to, I'd say for October though I'm sure some people would do it much earlier.
  • champys
    champys Posts: 1,101 Forumite
    soulbalm wrote: »
    There's a great site called eattheseasons that tells you what is seasonal. You can sign up to a weekly email and you get a lovely message in your inbox telling you what to eat this week, although I wasn't chuffed it was turnip this week. And I think they base it on South of England seasons, not freezy cold scottish seasons! I have no affiliation to the site, but find it useful for buying fresh UK produce. Next year I hope to have my own veg from the garden.

    soubalm that just made me giggle - we do grow our own veg, and apart from the pumpkins/squashes harvested in autumn and still OK, and the red cabbage we're trying to eat before the frost hits them too much, all we are eating at the moment is turnips!

    Actually I've got some good recipes and they really taste nice. A lady from our village has pointed me towards a different variety to grow last thursday which is supposed to taste even better - will let you know once we've tried it!
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  • Gloucester County Council has a calender covering 2 years worth of term dates - I find it useful 'cose my Cub Scout Pack only meets term time, and my kids are all grown up.

    clocks - spring forward in SPRING fall back in AUTUMN (usually over one of the October half term week ends).
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  • This is a great idea!! It will be so useful, especially since I've just found out I'm pregnant and will probabley be forgetting my own name soon!!!!

    I can't think of anything to add to the calendar at the mo - but I will try and turn my brain on and have a think!!

    Thanks OP and all who contribute x
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  • Primrose
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    Well done! Glad to see you've got the Seville Orange season listed for January. Always an important marmalade making event in our house and easy to miss because the oranges are only available for a short period.
    May, June and July are a good time for buying the delicious sweet scented Pakistani mangoes if you have an ethnic greengrocer near you. They're great for making smoothies, fruit purees for ice cream, etc.

    PS Could I put in a plea for some changes to some of the font colours? I do find some of them very light and difficult to read. (But perhaps that's to do with my eyesight. Does anybody else have a problem?
  • Primrose
    Primrose Posts: 10,620 Forumite
    Name Dropper First Post First Anniversary I've been Money Tipped!
    September: Save seed from your home-grown tomatoes, peppers, chillis and other veggies or flowers. (Much cheaper than buying them from a garden centre)
  • Thanks for your replies so far. I have changed the font colours so hope that is better.

    Not sure when tomatoes get planted and the exact dates for clocks change yet and will add term dates later,

    Best wishes
  • Aril
    Aril Posts: 1,877 Forumite
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    June is good for peas, strawberries and cherries. Perhaps the time to start thinking about PYO and a spot of jam making?
    March/April good for young nettles for making soup and other goodies
    May elderflowers for elderflower champagne, cordial etc etc [very good recipes on the Rivercottage site]
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  • If you look on your local councils website under education, you can get the term dates for schools for the next two academic years.


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  • zarazara
    zarazara Posts: 2,264 Forumite
    Brilliant idea. Thanks.
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