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John Lewis 5-yr Gtee pricematch

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roddydogsroddydogs Forumite
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If a Tv is say £1100 in Richer Sounds, but the 5 year gtee is extra, will JL only Price match with the Higher price, not the 1 yr Gtee price?. will they match with richter?


  • richardwrichardw Forumite
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    I think it is the 1 year guarantee price, the problem with Richer is often their items are out of stock.
    Some times a JL store will have a local price match and a TV will be a lower price in that store only, their prices are not uniform across the country, but your local JL store may price match the other JL store. is a great website.
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  • ormusormus Forumite
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    richer sounds are always out of stock. im sure its a marketing ploy. ive virtually stopped going there now. its become a joke.
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  • rchddap1rchddap1 Forumite
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    When we bought our tv we went to jl purely because of the 5 year guarantee. Did our reserach first of course, but we know some people who have had pixel problems, so wanted to be sure that we were going to be ok.
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  • richardwrichardw Forumite
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    ormus wrote: »
    richer sounds are always out of stock. im sure its a marketing ploy. ive virtually stopped going there now. its become a joke.

    It is getting fairly well known.
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  • John Lewis price matched sound and vision (Bolton) on a panasonic plasma. I also got the JL 5 yr guarantee included in the price.
  • vix2000vix2000 Forumite
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    How refreshing for a retailer to care enough about its customers to respond directly to their comments. Welcome to the forum, richer sounds.
  • W1zzW1zz Forumite
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    I've just attempted to price match a 19" TV between Richer Sounds and John Lewis. They both had stock.

    Armed with a print out from Richer Sounds website, I asked for a price match. John Lewis were £224 - Richer Sounds £179.99.

    The sales guy gave me the option of reserving the item while he sent the price match form off to head office for clearance which could take 5-7 working days. Or I could pay the full price and they would credit my card once the price match had been confirmed.

    I choose to pay in full and take the TV.

    When he was filling in the form, he noticed that Richer Sounds with 5 year warranty was £197.90 not £179, so he started to fill in the price match for the higher figure. I stopped him and said the price was £179, but he claimed it had to be a like for like match.

    My reply, was that JL advertise the 5 year extended warranty for FREE, so unless he's telling me that it isn't FREE and it's worked into their prices, then the lower figure is the standard TV price. I also pointed out that under the Sale of Goods act, I'm covered for up to 6 years irrespective of any extended warranty they claim to be adding for free. This would also be the case if I bought from Richer Sounds.

    He half agreed I was right and put the lower price on the form and said he'd leave it upto head office to work that out.

    So now I've to wait a week or so for them to clear the price-match and re-credit my card. In the meantime, the TV is staying sealed as if the price match is rejected, it's going back as an unwanted Xmas pressie.
  • I'm in the market for a new telly and was almost on my way to John Lewis, when I noticed Crampton and Moore in Sheffield were doing it for much less but also with a blue-ray player AND a 5 year guarantee thrown in.

    When I phoned John Lewis they told me they couldn't match a deal I had reached personally, it had to be available to all. That confused me because I hadn't reached any deal, it was a walk-in price in the store.

    When I explained the John Lewis lady got a bit flustered and let slip that she had a list of retailers she was allowed to price match to and Crampton and Moore wasn't on it. This kind of suggested to me that the price match only works if John Lewis has worked out the margins.

    I had read all the small print for the John Lewis policy and was sure I had satisfied all the criteria. I'm buying from Crampton and Moore anyway now, but still I thought it was a bit naughty of John Lewis and am debating whether to dash a mail off to trading standards.

    If anyone else has had a refusal to match the price of a legitimate high street retailer by John Lewis I would be grateful to know.

    On a second note, while it is indeed good to see the chap from Richer Sounds taking such an interest, I also have to say that I'm very suspicious of their marketing.

    I'm a member of the Richer Sounds VIP club where they regularly send an email of offers. In a recent one there was what looked like an amazing offer for a Pioneer AV receiver normally retailing at £400 for £199!

    I went in the next day only to be told that they had none. The sales rep offered to call another store who also had none. He then offered me an Onkyo alternative for £349. Now is it just me or is that £150 more?

    I would have thought nothing more of it but when I asked if I could have the one on display on the shelf it wasn't possible which honestly made me suspect that the deal wasn't there in the first place.

    All of this could have been honest circumstance, but if not it is what I think is called 'baiting' and is in fact illegal.

    It's the first time I've ever tried to take advantage of these price-matchy-discounty offers from various companies, and I'm having absolutely no luck :(
  • Mutton_GeoffMutton_Geoff Forumite
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    I had terrible trouble getting JL Kingston to price match a new plasma TV earlier in the year. Everytime I put another retailer up for consideration, they took a week to find a reason why they wouldn't PM. I was mainly after the 5 year warranty and found a Panasonic franchise in Bentalls (opposite JL) who negotiated on price and threw in a 5 year warranty too. It's almost put me off ever buying from JL again.

    There is a JL price match thread that runs on the AV Forums where people post their latest findings for particular makes/models of equipment.
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  • vansboyvansboy Forumite
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    When we wanted to buy a tv from JL, they had the 2 sets we were interested in, featured on their website at same price as most other retailers.This was on a Tuesday. But were marked as out of stock - clik the box for an e mail, when back in stock. I did this.

    Went into the store to view the sets 'in real life', on the following Friday, price had increased. Turns out they were price matching but the other stores offer had finished, so their price rise applied.

    No mention of it being a price match, rather than standard price on website, or instore. Asked when the price had changed, apparently sometime on wednesday!!

    Will JL honour their own low price from a couple of days before?? NO!!!!!

    Sotried to find other stores with a lower price on www, but even companies with retail outlets weren't what JL thought qualified to their requirements.

    So bought a different TV spec - better - from Argos with 3yr warranty, instead.

    & to this day, still not had the 'back in stock' alert from JL!!!

    Lots in here about pricematch JL

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