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who finds sealed money boxes helpful in saving money?



  • notlongnow_2
    Ive seen loads of these in Woolworths for 80p including the 20% off at the mo.
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  • FraggleFan
    I have a big glass jar that i chuck any coppers and any 5, 10 & 20p coins in. It clears the smash out of my purse and it doesn't half add up. I tend to bank it every month, and it's between £20 and £30. Not bad for money I hadn't missed.
  • bizzy_izzy
    I like them as well, but they have to be ones that i have to open with a tin opener because if i am a bit short of money i use it. I did think of buying the one that you break BUT as mse's do you not begrudge the waste!!!, I think i would
  • Sagz_2
    Sagz_2 Posts: 6,251 Forumite
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    notlongnow wrote: »
    Ive seen loads of these in Woolworths for 80p including the 20% off at the mo.

    I bought 5 on Saturday - went thru the till at 50p each.

    (Lovely cashier.... I keep thinking about her being out of work....)
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  • jockettuk
    jockettuk Posts: 5,809 Forumite
    We have used these to keep our £2 coins in and open them when the occaision we are saving up for comes around.. Last year we had almost £400 towards our holiday that we wouldnt have had we not had the sealed box.. this box is for my other halfs fishing trip to france in 2010 so fingers x it will cover the cost of the trip..
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  • okciv
    okciv Posts: 93 Forumite
    I have one of the big cans that you can't open without a tin opener. I've been putting the odd £ coin in it for over a year & I have about £100 in it. I won't open it until it's full.
    We also have a large bottle for all coppers that we bank a few times a year & have £60 ish pound in each time.
    I've also just got one of the pots that you break when it's full. Apparently they fit around £1000 in £2 coins.

    It's a great way to save!!
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  • juicygirl
    Have you seen the sealed pot challenge over on the deft free wanabee board? Loads of us doing it if you want to join the challenge x
  • mrscb
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    got the tins you need tin opener for in Home Bargains 49p:D
    :beer: Am thinking of a new one:beer:
  • miradene
    miradene Posts: 75 Forumite
    We save in the big shop sweet jars, just ask in the local corner shop and they usually give them for free(we get ours from a local sandwich shop) or use quality street jars- sealed top to bottom with masking tape to stop any temptation!!!

    We put in pound coins dec - july and use that towards holiday spending money. Then do the same from july to dec for christmas. We can easily have around £400 each time. Definatley worth saving in jars!!!!:j
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  • Bronnie
    Bronnie Posts: 4,165 Forumite
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    Used to do this years ago when first married. Had a big fat red plastic piggy bank that we filled to the brim, weighed a ton. We disturbed burglars one evening when coming home from work and the handy pig full of money was one of the few things they grabbed as they legged it out of the back door.
    Sort of seemed a dumb idea after that!
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