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  • Claudie
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    Well a freee instant EMail from Santa  ::)

    Couldn't find this posted elsewhere; my little one had a great time with this one.  The reply was instant and personalised and ready to print if you want.  We had loads of fun and bookmarked it to watch the countdown.

    I have just printed a "Naughty or Nice" Certificate to leave on the mat for the morning.

    And the Reindeer Cam is funny .... I think it's a great site!
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  • Marigold123
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    My daughter sent her letter to Santa at the Royal Mail address, but we haven't had a reply yet. Her dad also sent away for one in a National newspaper which he did have to pay for, and she got a printed letter from Santa with a story on the back, a Christmas card from Santa, a picture of 'the real Rudolph', (according to her), and a 'How to be Good' checklist from Santa's elves, to ensure good behaviour right up to Christmas Eve.

    When I told her to go up and change her school uniform yesterday, she immediately went to look at the side of the fridge, where she has stuck her checklist from the elves. She ran her finger down the list, stopped at the part that said, 'always do as you are asked', said brightly, OK! and off she went!

    As she thundered up the stairs, my partner muttered out of the side of his mouth, "Worth every penny!". ;D
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  • misty
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    Has anyone received this yet? My son's was sent well before the 16th deadline. I'll being doing my own by the looks of things.
  • my daughter got hers today after what seemed like forever since I posted it.
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  • I'm editor of a local site for Mums, and I've typed up and printed off 5 letters for a member today, because the royal mail ones haven't turned up yet.... not sure if she sent it in by the last date though.......!
    Misty - if yours still hasn't turned up, I can email you a copy of the letter I'm sending??
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  • I too sent my sons' letter to Santa at the Royal Mail address for him around the 10th December and still have not received a reply. I am really disappointed as I put a 1st class stamp on it AND included a 1st class stamp in the hope it would speed up the reply.
  • PinMan
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    MSE_Martin wrote:
    Some companies try and charge for a letter from Santa.

    Forget that.

    If you (or maybe your child(ren)) send a letter with a first or second class stamp on it to

    SAN TA1

    as long as it is received before December the 13th and includes a reply address. !Then Santa will write back, with the kind aid of the Royal Mail !;)

    Martin - shame on you, I first posted the above on 24/11/05 here:

    Can you remove your thread please :p

    Only kidding, keep up the great work fella :xmassmile
  • PinMan
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    DOH - now I feel an idiot....

    Just noticed your message posting date <embarressed>

    Sorry :rudolf:
  • MSE_Martin
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    No worries PinMan, "ho ho ho" :)
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    I have posted this on another forum but I thought I'd stick it here too in case it's of interest to anyone...

    I make up a letter from Father Christmas every year to my children and some friends kids too. I just have a basic template (changed slightly every year) which I add personal stuff to, for instance things like FC knowing they had been making tree decorations (he especially liked the glittery ones:) ) and that they had been to pantos and stuff.

    I use a nice irridescant paper as I make handmade cards so always have it lying around, but to be honest white paper with snowflakes drawn in silver pen is really nice too.

    To me it's a bit more personal to the child than having just their name and age on the letter which I would guess is what you're going to get for free from Royal Mail (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong :xmassmile ). For my own two I just put it on the doorstep for them, and I like that they think Father Christmas has just written to them for being good rather than replying to a letter asking for presents. Obviously there is no Lapland postmark (unless you're feeling arty) but so far none of the children I send them to has noticed that glaring error!

    Anyway, if anyone fancies having a go I'm happy to email the template I use as a starting block, just send me a pm.

    Hope this is of use to someone :rudolf:
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